POETRY: Will We Ever Smile Again? – Ogunjimi James Taiwo @hullerj

POETRY: Will We Ever Smile Again?

Wrinkles crease our brow,
Because we’re apprehensive about tomorrow.
Tears stain our cheek,
Because we don’t know what to expect in the coming weeks.

Our hearts are gripped with fear,
We run as fast as a deer.
Our heart aches for peace,
But dare we hope for it?

Our heart jumps each time we hear the sound of bullets,
Our heart aches for those whose bodies have been pumped full of lead.
When, we ask, will we smile again?
Or will we continue to live in fear day by day?

Who will wipe the tears from our eyes?
Who can we burden with our cares?
Is there anyone who will dare speak up in our defence?
Or will they all sit on the fence?

Will the morning of joy ever dawn in our land?
Will the children of all tribes and religion ever walk hand in hand?
Will an end ever come to these questions that we ask?
Will we, I ask, ever smile again?

Ogunjimi James Taiwo

Twitter: @hullerj

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