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Okonjo-Iweala’s Amanpour interview ~ Musings from Kenny Brandmuse


I saw this post on Kenny Brandmuse’s timeline on Facebook and I couldn’t but share to my friends. I decided to go read it all over again and then I realised a lot more people need to see it. This is the bane of arguments in Nigeria and it speaks my mind entirely. Read Kenny’s words below;

Ok people, not that I’m weird but watching the CNN interview with Ngozi Okonjo on Amanpour’s set last night gave me the creeps. Not because of all the things said by the honorable Minister but I’m afraid that Nigeria is cooked and ready for someone’s breakfast, due to the lies we now tell ourselves. There’s now a sick trend of people preaching positivism about the state of Nigeria; masking all the truths in high places and dishing out colored truths to the public and to ourselves. [ some rebranding project started by Prof Akinyuli ] Don’t get it twisted, I believe in positivity. I preach that. However, we cannot be positive about a situation if we don’t tell ourselves the home truth, first of all. I have seen Americans speak up against ill public issues on CNN; even facing the President. Same with England and other developed countries.

Typical Q&A

Q: Why is Nigeria very corrupt?
A: Other countries are also corrupt, not only Nigeria.

Q: Does Nigeria have improved electricity as submitted by Mr President?
A: Yes, going by scientific research, 52% claims we are far better. Other developing countries also have power issues including South Africa and India; just that South Africa has invested a lot in that sector.

Q: Why would the Government pardon a State fraudster ?
A: Oh… I wrote a whole new book about Corruption and how we need to put good systems in place.


One day we will all wake up and we will find out we are cooked. We need to speak up against corruption in Nigeria while we still show our patriotism. We should love our country but we should expose lies in all the public places so we can move forward. That’s how we show love to Naija. Dressing the issue only takes us 100 years backwards.

Kenny Brandmuse via http://www.facebook.com/kennybrandmuse

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