#AwakeningYou: SCRIPTING THE VISION ~ by Haastrup Steven (@StevenHaastrup)


Have you ever written down any dream of yours? Or you just think, say and then jump to doing?


Good day and welcome to #AwakeningYou, a Tuesday weekly script of #StartupNigeria. My name is Haastrup Steven.


There are three reasons why you must write down your vision. The first is the obvious reason that you may forget. If your vision remains only at the back of your mind, it may get lost to the hustle and bustle of life – the pains of yesterday, the challenges of today and the worries of tomorrow. How many times have you lost an idea just because you did not write down?  Your mind, like those of most others, is clustered with many issues and, I am sure, you would not want such a vital issue like your vision – the very reason God has created you –  to be lost in the mix.


The issue that gains prominence in your mind is one that is often recalled or one with most intense passion. Writing your vision ensures you do not forget it. It also makes the constant recall of your vision easier as well as creates the intense desire that gives it a prominent place in your mind.


Another reason is that writing down your vision makes you think over it again and again. A French philosopher once asked rhetorically, “How do I know what I think until I read what I wrote?” Your thoughts are better understood when written down. Writing tasks your thinking faculty and brings our creative ideas you have not before considered. You will be amazed sometimes at the things you write down. If you have never experienced it before, try and write down today what your vision is about your family or work.


Writing down your vision is like writing down your life goals and doing it will help you live an organized life, because you can’t be organized without scripting and pondering over the words on paper.


Finally, writing your vision makes it stick deeper and wider in your mind. You need that very much to be able to keep your vision alive.


The truth is that words are stored in our minds in languageless form.


Because you have to think before you write, you create images of the future in your mind. As you look at the words you pen down, you do not see the words but images of the future. These images stick in your mind and form the bedrock of a new reality you are trying to create.


I am sure you are starting right away to write your vision. You certainly will need more time and a secluded place to do justice to your vision. But, at least, you can write the opening statement today or better still, NOW!


Remember, the Holy Scriptures even recommend you write your Vision.


Write the Vision and make it plain upon the tables… that he may run that readeth it


Meet me again next Tuesday for another edition of #AwakeningYou as we continue on the Acting on the Vision-series.


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Haastrup Steven is the Executive Director of Startup Nigeria, the Principal Consultant of Wingsforte Consult; He is a freelance writer, Impact public speaker, a startup trainer and a lover of God. He is a fan of technology and its influence over our lives and the society.


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