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This article was written after reading Genesis 24. If you will read through the chapter, it will do you much good.

Firstly, “The girl [Rebekah] was very beautiful, a virgin; no man had ever lain with her.”

Both men and women should strive to enter into marriage chaste and pure. The Lord will help us.

Secondly, the servant asked as every responsible man would, “Whose daughter are you?”

Ask yourself this question, young woman, “Whose daughter are you?”

You should be traceable to someone; accountable to someone. Granted, some misfortune must have happened, but even at that, you should try to submit yourself under the authority of someone who can account for you.

Later in verse 34-51, we see Laban telling the history of how he met with Rebekah. You must think he was babbling, but no. He was telling of how he met the lady. What God had said to him concerning her? Young man, if you are going to ask the hand of a lady in marriage, make sure your story is authentic. You will surely be questioned, “Where did you meet her? How do you know she is the one?” So friend, start practicing your story.

Laban confirmed in verse 50, “This is from the Lord!” Is your proposed union from the Lord? SIt back and think about that for a little while.

Verse 56 tells us not to relax after we have achieved sudden success. Don’t stop until you have fulfilled your mission. Be mission conscious! Abraham’s servant was very mission conscious; didn’t wait to relax any ten days. He stood up the next morning and departed.

And finally, Isaac, in verse 63, went to meditate; Ike Amadi, when last did you set yourself aside to meditate?


Gen 25: God is the #OgaAtTheTop.

In Genesis 25, we see that Esau and Jacob were about to be born, but God had already said that the older will serve the younger. It is the Lord who chooses whom to show compassion. It therefore pays to be on His side.


What will you sell?

When you trade what is eternal for the temporary, you have yourself to blame. We must never forget that this world is passing away, and thus must make every effort not to “gain the whole world and lose our only soul.” Esau quenched his hunger, but lost his birthright.

The problem was not in asking for the food, the problem was in what he said, “Quick! Let me have….” Most of us want to have everything now. Now! Now! We don’t want to wait, no, we must have it now. We must have that lady now; that man now; that husband, now; that wife, now; that job, now; that admission, now. And because of our, ‘Quick,’ we run into great troubles. Let us learn to be patient so we can obtain the promise. The Lord will help us!



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