Hello friends, a good friend of mine sent me this declaration, and before I could finish declaring them into my life, I started speaking in tongues. It will be wicked for me not to share this with the world. Be blessed!



As already prophetically declared;

I shall be scaling new heights this year,

I shall be breaking new grounds that is, accomplishing things that eyes have not seen nor ears heard

It shall be a year of divine surprises for me

It shall be said of me this year, ‘what manner of man is this’

Therefore, as I look at myself in the mirror every passing day, I shall continue to declare convincingly as follows:


This man is surely changing levels this year beginning with this month:

From sickness to health and from health to greater health

From lack to plenty and from plenty to greater plenty

From trials to testimonies and from testimonies to higher testimonies

From obstacles to miracles and from miracles to more miracles

From carnality to spirituality and from spirituality to higher realms of spirituality


This man is changing levels this year:

From defeat to victory and from victory to greater victory

From fear to faith and from faith to higher realms of faith

From barrenness to fruitfulness and from fruitfulness to all round fruitfulness

From shame to glory and from glory to greater glory

From pity to envy and from envy to higher realms of envy


This man is changing levels this year:

From stagnation to double promotion and from double promotion to ‘next levels’

From frustration to celebrations and from celebration to celebration without end

From pains to healing and from healing to divine to total health

From curse to blessing and from blessing to higher dimensions of blessing

From confusion to direction and from direction to clearer direction


This man is changing levels this year:

From failure to success and from success to greater success

From begging to giving and from giving to lending to nations

From sorrow to joy and from joy to joy unspeakable

From depression to jubilation and from jubilation to unending jubilation

From weakness to strength and from strength to more strength


This man is changing levels this year:

From uncertainties to confidence and from confidence to greater confidence

From marital spell to marital bliss

From joblessness to enviable employment


And much, much more…

Yea! I am surely changing levels this year by the revelation and application of the word – 2Cor3:18

Thank you my Father in heaven for confirming Your word in my life this year in the name of Jesus Christ – Amen and Amen.

(Scriptural Reference: 2Cor4:13, Mk 11:23, Ps 81:10-14, Lk 21:15)

Jesus Is Lord.



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