Retrogressive Clogs In the Wheel of Progress: Ill Conceived Strategies Will Not Stop Us

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We have watched with keen interest, the unfolding drama orchestrated by the anti-progressive elements who currently hold our dear country, Nigeria, hostage. We, in the Youth Wing of the All Progressives Congress (APC) align completely with our parent parties in their call for rejection of the subterranean moves to scuttle our registration. We believe that a truly independent National Electoral Commission would not be so openly partisan as to partake in political shenanigans, but we are not exactly surprised since we – like all other Nigerians – are very much aware of how instrumental the body has been in imposing corrupt and unreliable elements on Nigerians since the inception of this ailing democracy.

The sense of collective ownership which many Nigerians feel towards the All Progressive Congress cannot be taken away by a strategy as ill-conceived as an attempt to frustrate registration by conjuring a party with the same acronym from thin air. The laziness and lack of due diligence which have become the hallmark of this administration have once more shown forth – in their desperate bid to hold on to power at all cost. A major part of their evil plan unraveled when the address of the fictitious law firm which filed the letter of intent was revealed to be fake. If these retrogressive corrupt elements cannot pay attention to such minute detail, how exactly are they supposed to pay attention to the needs of a hundred and seventy million people?

It is said that; ‘when you fight corruption, you must expect it to fight back’; those who have put our country in such a dire state will simply not fold their arms and watch their hold be broken. People who do not mean well for this country are not going to remain idle while those with noble intentions stand up for Justice, Peace, and Progress. We must know that saving Nigeria will not be easy, and it is for that exact reason that we must not give up on doing so.

The All Progressive Congress is not a Poverty Dispensation Party; those who deny the rest of us of our commonwealth and keep us poor are bound to try to protect their interests at all costs. The key is ensuring that they do not win.

It is in this spirit that we, the Young Progressives from all the merged political parties, call upon fellow Nigerian youths and ask them to keep faith. There is light at the end of every tunnel, and things get hardest just before they get better.
We will stand up and be counted. We will support our leaders and elders to fight for what is right; and we know that no matter what they do, we shall overcome.

Long Live the Progressives
Long Live the APC
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria
Ms. Rinsola Abiola
For: APC Youth Wing

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