POETRY: Christ Is Risen! – by Ogunyemi Bukola

POETRY: Christ Is Risen! – by Ogunyemi Bukola

Christ is risen,
The rice is boiling,
The chickens are frying,
The families are dining,
The parents are slacking,
The children are lacking,
The standards are falling,
Christ is risen.

Christ is risen,
The music is blasting,
The beers are flowing,
The ladies are dancing,
The guys are weeding,
The party is rocking,
The lovers are sexing,
Christ is risen.

Christ is risen,
The shepherds are lounging,
The sheep are straying,
The church is drifting,
The faith is dying,
The demons are working,
The devil is roaring,
Christ is risen.

Christ is risen,
Our nation is ailing,
The people are starving,
Our leaders are feasting,
Fuel price increasing,
The masses are groaning,
Suffering and smiling,
Politicians are stealing,
I mean really looting,
The tribes are fighting,
Fanatics are bombing,
Innocents are dying,
The youths are converging,
Our purpose uniting,
Optimism is rising,
A new Nigeria emerging.

Christ is risen,
The nations are warring,
The earth is quaking,
Disasters are many,
And scores are dying,
The end is looming,
The saints are praying,
Eagerly expecting,
The trumpets are sounding,
The world ignoring,
Christ is risen.

Ogunyemi Bukola (April 2012)

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