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February 13, 2013





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In the beginning...Let there be Light
  • dr idris

    That was good 1 @omojuwa may Allah bless u.

  • Michael

    Keep up d good job Japhet and d Lord will alw streghten & guide U-AMEN!!!

  • Ajileye Victor

    I must commend the tenacity you have put into blogging. You have reached great limits to have your voice heard amongst the vast Nigerian populace. Keep up the good work.

  • Endowed

    When are we going to start appreciating the little things people do rather than criticizing them? Even though I’m not a fan of the ex-president Chief Obasanjo, I will want you to know that he has done a lot in his own time and so many things we are experiencing now like the issue of Boko Haram will never find a breathing space in Nigeria if he’s still the president. I will rather appreciate something that will make the country go forward rather than thinking you can have someone who is 90% sincere. Even in Berlin, we have so many things going on although not the way we do it in Nigeria but I will tell you that no country in this world is corruption free. He’s one of the best presidents we’ve had in Nigeria. Do you know how many beggers we have in Berlin? Do you think everyone is happy with the Government in the developed countries? The answer is NO. Appreciate the little things and let’s talk on how we can move forward. I wish I had the chance to attend this. Thanks