POETRY: Our Eagles Can Fly – by Tope Olufiranye @olufiranye

Our Eagles Can Fly – by Tope Olufiranye

With colourful wings the sky was painted
Our  team of eagles flew so high
They soar and glide and scored real goals
storm of opposition raged so hard
little hopes we had in them
critics cried so loud and strong
still they choose to see the goals

In early games we saw no win
They played a draw with opposing team
The trophy they saw with a victory’s mind
when hope is lost and trust had gone
what we see decides the win
Victory is sure inspite of all

Our eagles can fly now we know
Our nation our country can fly also
If we choose to see the best
and focus on nothing but to build our land
Unity of purpose will keep us strong
We’ll win again in all our sectors
The loot will stop and growth will rise
Lets sheath the sword and kill no more
Our Green White Green will fly so high

Our country Nigeria will fly again
This hope is real because we won!

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