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Hey everyone!

I’ve been doing a lot of research into photography and the various styles of many photographers. I’ve even bought a few photography books to give me inspiration. Right now I’m reading ‘Look’ by David Bailey and it’s a fantastic book. It has put a lot of things into perspective for me and it has made me confident enough to try new styles.

Most photographers would tell you that it took them two or three years to develop their style. I’m still very unsure as to what my style is, but I am willing to try out many things before deciding what works best for me. It’s almost like choosing a boyfriend; you have to go through many guys to find the one who tickles your fancy 😉

Anyway, I’ve decided to do some more studio work. I wasn’t too excited the last time I worked in a studio because I felt restricted. That was the day I decided that location shoots were definitely for me. But I have been doing some reading on lighting and I have looked at the many ways you could create art in a studio and I think I’m ready to get out there and get over my feelings. I will be looking for a studio to rent and I will get some models and a make-up artist. I am also looking to shoot more males because my portfolio is female dominated and I wish to broaden its content.

I have been unable to implement these changes yet, but I will be showing you some of my most recent pictures of my friend, Comfort.

My Media Studies project requires me to create a music video and I have started filming for this. But on the first day of filming, the male character did not show up, so I was stuck in a lovely park with a great model so I decided to do a quick photoshoot. At first we were both messing around, but I later discovered that I got a few good shots and now I will be sharing them with you.




IMG_4039 copy





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