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Today! It will be all about that fire of yours… What does it really want to burn?


Good day and welcome to #AwakeningYou, a Tuesday weekly script of #StartupNigeria. My name is Haastrup Steven.


In this script, I will be providing some insights that will help strengthen your vision and give it the passion that will see it through to fulfillment. It does not matter what kind of a dream or vision you have. Whether it is a dream that will change the nation or one that will take your business to the next level or a dream that will give your life a much desired lift.


Your vision, to pass the test of time, must arise from what I call Divine dissatisfaction. You probably have heard of Inspirational Dissatisfaction or Creative Dissatisfaction They all describe a state of serious discontent with the prevailing circumstances. If you like, a deep seated hatred for the status quo, arousing a groundswell of opposition to what presently obtains. This produces a compelling reason to act to change a situation.


This dissatisfaction is necessary to break the inertia of contending against the status quo. It is wise never to underestimate the power of the status quo. The status quo has a way of asserting itself as the only reality. We are constrained many a times to think of maintaining what we have rather than aspiring for what we should have. Locked up in the present, we tend to look down at the issues from the same prisms we have used again and again. With the perception that we should let the sleeping dogs lie, we deny ourselves of the divine dissatisfaction that is capable of inspiring a challenge to the status quo.


There is that consciousness in each of us as to what is right and wrong. This consciousness may, however, have been dulled by the circumstances of life and our experiences. That little hunch and that slight disturbance on our consciences may be the pathway to the evolution of new ideas that could change your community or advance a cause you believe in. The reason a lot of us are no longer listening to the voice of change is because we have failed to heed its several calls in the past. The only thermostat in us that helps us maintain the balance between today’s experience and tomorrow’s reality has been replaced with a thermometer. The thermometer makes no comparisons with the future. It only explains the present. And that is dangerous. Such perception of life only in the present cannot bring about the change our society urgently needs. We need men who constantly appraise the present against their dream of the future. It is only a perception of the possibility, and indeed inevitability of new realities from the current ones that our nation can become great again.


Who is divinely dissatisfied with the corruption that is endemic in our society? Whose conscience is pricked about the leadership question? Who weeps secretly at the general lack of organization in our society? Which teacher sighs at the endemic, or is it pandemic examination malpractices in our schools? Which politician sorrows at the level of corruption in high places? Which pastor is ashamed of the public perception of men of God in our nation?


It is time you raise your dissatisfaction level to the point you will be compelled to act on a vision for change.


The Question is… Are you ready?


Thanks for reading through.


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Haastrup Steven is the Executive Director of Startup Nigeria; He is a freelance writer, Impact public speaker, a startup trainer and a lover of God. He is a fan of technology and its influence over our lives and the society.


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