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Talking about this is in terms of building the mind.


One of the ways you develop your mind is to associate with progressive minds. These are minds that are making conscious efforts to think right and act right. They help reinforce your belief in progressive thinking. They provide you a support system in a world that is negatively wired.


The people you spend most of your time with speaks a lot about your person. Birds of the same feather not only flock together; they swim together or sink together. There is tremendous power in a community of like-minded people who share in your passion for progressive thinking. You may need to travel hundreds of kilometres to keep company of someone who helps you think progressively. You may need to spend hours on the phone with someone who helps you clarify your thoughts and shape your life. This is the least you can do in your effort to build a community of progressive minds around you.


Now, if there is really a short of supply of progressive minds around you, you need not give up. You have many options to help you develop this most needed community. The Internet offers such opportunities. There are progressive websites that offer such communities, recommended are Twitter and Facebook. There are books that provide support. There are television programs that help as well. But as soon as you can, you need to create a physical community around you. Why not develop others to think progressively. You will be saving not only yourselves but others as well.


In fact, you may be on your way to transforming your society. Start with your partner, if you can. That’s one person you are going to spend the rest of your life with anyway. It is in your best interests and his or hers that you both are progressive thinkers. Your children may be a lot easier to enlist. It might be great to catch them young before they become contaminated by the world’s negative thinking. Then you have colleagues in the office with whom you spend the best time of your waking hours. I am not saying it would be easy; but it is worth trying and the benefit far outstrips the effort.


What should you be looking for when choosing progressive minds to associate with?  They must be visionary people that are making conscious efforts to control their thoughts. They must also be willing to help you control yours through constructive engagements. They help you identify those limiting thoughts that have for long hindered you and help you develop new and progressive thoughts.


Your close and intimate friends say a lot about you. Choose them carefully but be sure they are progressive thinkers like you are or want to be.


The community of friends to which you belong advances or retards you.


Ask God to help bring people of progressive minds across your path.


Thanks for reading through.


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