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Surely oppression and extortion makes a wise man foolish, and a bribe
destroys the understanding and judgment.
Ecclesiastes 7 : 7 Amplified Bible.

What happened! What really happened to our collective psyche! Are we not
humans again? What happened to our collective sanity? Corruption without
and within has grown to a level that it affect everything around us! Why
the ranting? Why all these questions? Stay with me and you will understand the whys.

Firstly, let us look at the value we place on human life both as individual and as a nation. Presently, infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate is over the roof. We are ranked with such country as Afghanistan or was it Pakistan as a country still suffering from polio!

Just last year, there was a diplomatic spat with South Africa ( a fellow African country ) over yellow fever vaccine certificate because we are still among the
countries of the world suffering the said disease, therefore we needed
vaccination before coming to their country . The story on how the yellow
card is obtained at the Nigerian airport is a story for another day entirely.

Our response to accidents, fire, flood and other life threatening emergencies is another story that tells us the premium placed on human life in this clime. When we see people in life threatening situation like
accident or gunshot what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Run for your life before police says you are responsible!
Most likely that will be our response which is very unfortunate.

Now, we see corpses littering our streets and the response generated is likely stepping over it or turning a blind eyes.

Secondly, the issue of discipline is another case that highlights the collective damage done to our psyche by successive tyrants in the corridor of power parading themselves as rulers in our land. Except for the brief stop in the gap by Buhari/Idiagbon in the early eighties, the comedy play titled governance in this land reek of indiscipline personification.

Indiscipline is the modus operandi of successive government since
independence. Hell no, I am not a GMB apologist but his approached though
impugned on human right of few people brought a more needed sanctity into
the geographic location called Nigeria and methinks we still need such iron
hand once more in this land to usher us out of the conundrum we found
ourselves in as a Nation.

Thirdly, the hydra- headed monster called corruption is our greatest undoing as a nation. This behemoth beast has been
feeding on our national cake and has grown to a level that the so called
national cake cannot sustain its insatiable appetite. The poise of the present government in the country shows total lack of regard to the presence of this evil beast and a total “I don’t give a damn” attitude.

The body language of the “Corruption
in Chief” does little to douse these suspicions as he claimed that
corruption is not only a Nigeria thing but it’s a thing of the mind. The “Grand Corrupter of the Order of the Niger” stance of not declaring his assets publicly and not giving a damn shows a total disconnect to the so called people that elect you.

How do we explain an ex- governor having
forty eight (48) properties in Abuja alone after just serving forty eight month (48) in his state? Or six hundred thousand
dollars disappearing between FaCrook and OteDollar , or how do we explain the various probe panel indicting serving minister and even the C in C himself? How do we explain the five trillion that disappear under GEJ watch?

How do we explain that as a developing nation seventy percent of our budget is used for recurrent expenditure and nothing is there for capital or developmental projects?

When you go into the street and mention all these facts, the response you get is it’s their time or e go beta. It is time we shed the toga of indifference when it come to the issue of governance in this Nation, its
time we let go of “siddon look” apology to Bola Ige.

Let us arise and do something. It’s over a year that we fought this cabal in the name of fuel subsidy. Do not assume a Messiah will jump from the sky. it is time to get

I will close with this quote from Matthew
Ashimolowo “when there is a chaos ina place, and you want to bring in order,
the people benefitting from the chaos situation will fight you to a standstill”.

Power and freedom is never granted to the oppressed, it must be demanded.

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