POSER: Are We Still Waiting For God To Solve Our Problems In Nigeria? – by @ovasabii

POSER: Are We Still Waiting For God To Solve Our Problems In Nigeria? – by @ovasabii

After reading Omojuwa’s piece – “Nigeria: A Government and its Spiritual Problems”‘, it hit me hard that we have so much blamed God for all our failures in this country.

It is disheartening to hear top political leaders talk so irrationally. These are leaders who are supposed to be articulate, sound and intelligently draw up blueprints for strategic success in the country, yet they resort to packaging our destinies in ‘Ghana must go bags’ and hanging it on promises of religious deliverance. No wonder Karl Max said, ‘religion is the opium of the masses’.

We run to different camp grounds to pray, bind, cast and loose without taking proper steps towards our goals. Habakkuk 2:2 tells us to write down the vision, so we might have a game plan to work with. We believe that one day, God will come down in his splendour and glory and wage a war against our corrupt politicians then restore Nigeria to greatness…tall dreams, I must say.

Our Men of God have become prayer warriors for those in power, using prayer and even messages from the pulpit as public relation tools in a bid to woo top politicians.

In bible times, God raised men to challenge the order of government. They did not just sit and cry to God for help, they stood up and made noise.

Take a look at this:
God raised Moses who confidently challenged Pharaoh, after so many years of enslaving the Israelites (Exodus 5).

Jehu killed everyone in government, in a bid to cleanse the government of nasty elements before he was crowned as king (2 Kings 10).

God raised up David (as a savior) to take over from Saul, after Saul’s unproductive reign as king (1 Samuel 16).

After 7 years of Queen Athaliah’s wicked reign, a priest, Jehoida gathered some army commanders and revolted. (2 Chro 23)

All these revolutions were led by men, inspired by God. Do we have such men in Nigeria…?
A big question….

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