POINTER: EVIL IN THE LAND – By Valentine O. Ogunaka @Naijamatta

POINTER: EVIL IN THE LAND – By Valentine O. Ogunaka @Naijamatta

People of Nagera! Have we seen it all? There is evil in the land—gamuts of it, missioned to ravage our lives in the same way pests have voraciously munched our crops.  We have cried and cried! Some of us like bush babies. The rest of us, the meekest…in squeaks like orphaned squirrels.

I keep wondering why my nightmares return—about a little puppy that got crushed by a whirring wagon as it limped across the asphalt street. The owner saw this—the gory end of his timid pet and guess what? He burst into laughter and afterwards called a party. That is the kind of evil in our land. A life however precious is worth only a glass of red wine.

Wait. There are others: misplaced priority and wastefulness. A father lets his children starve and beg while he buys gold trinkets for his darling concubines. Does that sum it all? Perhaps! I will tell you more. At least you may have heard of those communities that build bridges and dams during famine. Please hold your breath! Don’t chuckle yet. We could be among.

People of Nagera! Are you listening? Ok…

We have a king but he lacks wisdom. His heart is cruel, but his mind is weak. He is aware of our anger yet thinks our daughters are in love with him. Yes, that is what his whirlwind advisers whisper, his cabinet of sycophants and yam weevils. They tell him: the people marvel at your rulership! Their love for you is unconditional. They even call you Moses. They strongly believe in your candid visions. They know you are a TRANSFORMER, that you are much wiser than your greatest grandfather, Solomon who was merely an arbitrator. Oh Messiah Jones! Disregard the rants and tomfoolery of a rented few. We mean the twitter rebels, intellectual zombies, inebriated journalists and rabid elrufarians—who feed on wee-wee, shisha and brain-wracking syrups. Your Excellency, you remain highly favoured in the eyes of farmers who are ever ready to pluck the feathers of their fowls for your bowler hat.

Those are the lies they feed him. Coupled with his glaring blindness, cruel kindness and inaction, the evil in the land has exacerbated, exponentially. People of Nagera—I must state now that evil has no hiding place. It manifests itself in every step even as it attempts to put the cloak of a saint.

Do remember to spread this message across the enclaves. Encourage our disillusioned but optimistic brothers who dwell at the other side of the mountain; tell them they cannot rely on the promises of our king, for he is too faithful… Remind them that before he was made king, Messiah Jones promised to bring back the rain upon our farms. He even promised to give us an extra life. Now our rivers have dried up. Our cattle have grown fatter eating dust. And our children—when there’s just shrubs to harvest from our farms—how do we reward the rabbi that teach them?

Now that there are so many evil machinations against our land, “we must resolve to jointly exorcise the evil spirit behind this darkness…” Yes it has become a spiritual problem. That is what the king and his goons insinuate. But we know what they mean. We no longer need to watch our most talented comedians. This administration churns a spectacular crop, until 2015, maybe.


Just sit back, take a matchbox and light up your television. Or just follow me on twitter @Naijamatta. Let’s go spiritual and rant away the evils in our land.  Feel free to drop your comments below.


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