#MarryHer: To My Sisters. – by @IkeAmadi

I have two beautiful native sisters. I love them with all my heart. If any of them asks me to give her my coat, I’ll give her my tie too.Whatever will hurt them will strongly hurt me. Now what could hurt more than emotional hurt? Or worse still, marital hurt? ‘God forbid, bad thing!’ as we say in my country.

But then again, I also have several innumerable sisters scattered all over the world. Jesus is my Elder Brother. And if Jesus is also your Elder Brother, then we are family, making you my sister – by Blood.

Hence the advice – if any man comes to you and complains about your being too spiritual – when I know that every truly spiritual man is always striving to know God more and be closer drawn to Him – please run from that man.

I truly pray that you have not given yourself to him. In that case, run. He will do you no good, but will only make a mess of your spirituality. In fact, in any case, run!

If you truly love God as you say you do, you’ll need a man who will help you draw closer to God.


Okay, let’s say he is too busy to join you for every fellowship meeting, or ask to hear what you learn from church, which really is the case with most men who want to make sure their families have enough to eat and spare, he should not be the type to make you lower your standards, spiritually.
I hate the fact that my sentences are very long. But I’ll continue.

I have come across a few sisters complaining that a certain young man likes them, but complains that they are always in church, or always reading their Bible, or always praying.

Of course there should be balance, and if he has observed, say, that your being always in Church is making you go late for work or make poor grades in school, that might perhaps have necessitated his advising you to cut down on some other church activities so as to meet up with those other responsibilities that make you a responsible woman.

And brothers, I know we are a very jealous sort; but let us please encourage our sisters, whom we have observed to be genuinely spiritual, to indeed be!

We need more spiritual women so we can populate the world with spiritual children!

If you find a man who encourages you to stay spiritual, marry him!


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P.S This series tagged #MarryHer will continue to run on this column every Sunday, God willing.


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