I live in a country where the term corruption could easily be mistaken for an individual or a group’s name. Every single person from old to young just blames Mr. or Mrs. Corruption for every form of irregularity within the system in the geographical location called Nigeria where I reside. Over time I have come to get used to the term corruption being used everywhere from bus parks to schools, from corporate organizations to government agencies and even religious organizations, you would almost begin to wonder if this corruption is a ghost or spirit being, since no one seems to take the responsibility of being called corrupt or better still corruption. Little wonder we are still where we are.


However am not in the habit of just problem analysis (which is important to proffering solution) as the average Nigerian is a master of such an art, rather in the face of problems I try to think of sustainable and pragmatic solutions which are often mistaken for an idealistic thought pattern, well it’s just my own thought and opinion. If we all start proffering solutions and stop arguing we would move forward.


It’s no longer news that the activity or actions of the unit affects the collective, so it is safe to say that the accumulation of all our individual actions is the picture we see in our communities, societies and by default our nation today. It’s quite easy and convenient to blame Mr. A or Mr. B or the government for whatever state you find yourselve, it seems logical and easy right? How nice. Now before I proceed, it’s important we find out how corruption is defined. Well before the word became synonymous with just Government officials, the word was originally translated to mean “extremely immoral or depraved”. With this definition in mind, do you see how you are implicated in our present state as a nation? Let me elucidate more explicitly;


  • Each time you throw things out of your car or home improperly; you’re corrupt.
  • Each time you beat the traffic light; you’re corrupt.
  • Each time you sponsor exam malpractice for your kids, niece, nephew etc.; you’re corrupt.
  • Each time you refuse to pay your bills e.g PHCN, Waste Bills, etc ;your corrupt
  • Whenever you refuse to vote; you indirectly contribute to corruption in governance.
  • When you take bribe; you’re corrupt.
  • When you allow your kids get away with little acts of mischief without rebuke; you’re helping raise a new generation of corrupt individuals.
  • The list is indefinite…


You see our problem is that we think corruption is only when you give bribe or steal money, forgetting that before that man started stealing money he or she had at one point stolen meat from the pot, or taken daddy’s money or just been plain exposed to high level mischief in the family of environment without ever been rebuked or corrected. How do we then expect a different picture than we see daily? There can be no change nationally or in governance until a majority of us take responsibility as individuals to deliberately become positively transformed. We must understand that systems are run by people; the best of systems in the hand of a fool is a foolish system.
If we all knew that at some point in our history that a young boy without shoes in Otuoke in Bayelsa state will become our president would we have spent some more time preparing him and his peers and ensuring that the right environment is put in place to properly expose him?!! The list just goes on and on. My dear friends my point is simply this; take responsibility of your actions, you just do what is right and preach the same message, we would be shocked at the visible change we would see within a short frame of time. Change is very predictable, especially with the right actions in place. Ofcourse the system is terribly gone wrong, but I don’t see how complaining, nagging, backbiting or just doing nothing would contribute to the balance we seek in our society.


Well I hope I made some sence today, guys our future is in our hands. Let the change begin with me and you and things would naturally fall into place, this is my humble submission.


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