#ThinkOutLoud: THE MUSIC WAY OUT- Osowe Oluwagbenga O @gbengaosowe

#THINKOUTLOUD: THE MUSIC WAY OUT- Osowe Oluwagbenga @gbengaosowe

Last week Wednesday, on my way home from a cybercafé, I was approached by two boys who needed direction to the studio of popular rap artiste, Jude “MI” Abaga.  I asked these young men for the address they were given but to my utmost shock there was none. These young men “browsed the internet and were told that the studio is in Gbagada”. I sought to know what section/ axis of Gbagada it is but these boys didn’t know and they had come all the way from Ikotun-Egbe so that they can drop/perform songs from their demo CD in hope of a contract.

Even as a resident of the said area, the only knowledge I have of the existence of the studio came from reading about it on a blog but I have no inclination as to the exact whereabouts so I wondered how these young men hoped to locate the said studio armed only with the knowledge that it is located in Gbagada.

I prodded further to know if they had booked an appointment or even tried reaching out to the artiste via any medium, the answer was an emphatic NO.

Much as I admired the courage of these boys in going after what they want, I felt quite sad for the boys and also quite sad at what Nigeria has become because I know that there are many other young men in Nigeria in the same situation as these boys.

The situation of this country has become so depressing that many young people, male and female alike see the entertainment world as the only real means of making money legally and the way artistes are being celebrated and glamourized has helped in furthering these beliefs.

Many children now want to be like the Wizkids, 2face Idibia, Davido and you will scarcely find aspiring Nobel Laureates among these teenagers and pre-teens. This makes me wonder how we are going to sustain any economic development we achieve now if the younger generation is not interested in educational advancement and technological discoveries like their counterparts in other parts of the world.

Now, I have no issues with someone making use of his talents (musical or any other form) provided they prepare well, but when young men and women begin to see the entertainment world (especially music) as the way out of poverty whether they are talented or not, I believe there is a big problem and something needs to be done if Nigeria will ever achieve her goals of becoming one of the 20 most developed countries by the year 2020.

What do you think?


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  • Sinzu

    I personally think, this is a great article, but basically, music has always been a thing for most ghetto youths, even in america.. Basically, I feel u were just unlucky with the young boys u met, I av met kids barely 20, stimulating schemes, bring up creative ideas.. Nigeria has basically been set up like that…