#ThinkOutLoud POETRY: BLAMES AND FAILURES- Osowe Oluwagbenga O @gbengaosowe

Let the river of blames flow, Bringing in its tides pains and sorrow, Let it harbour a bleak hope for the morrow Bringing sadness and fear that touches even our marrows Let it flow and deal with us deadly blows   Let evil spirits be blamed for darkness that thrives, Oh blame the media that the world sees us in a bad light, For the mass failure of students blame the “corpers”, Let the children who have no food to eat blame their fathers, Blame the masses for the fuel that has become scarce     Failure has come to reign in a kingdom made for brilliance Security and development have taken flight at its appearance Kidnapping, larceny and grand theft are no longer strange Money grows wings and flies like birds newly come of age   Healthcare stands on wobbly feet, Our leaders go to other lands when they feel pains in their teeth, Probe reports are inconclusive and looters walk free, The land is in pain, failure has her in its grip Standards are falling, debts are rising, And my people keep the blames coming Hoping the blames bring up solution. Let the blames flow and let failure be its companion.   Activists blame the pastors who ask for prayers The clerics blame sin for the situation Government blames the press, “Old” media blames new media, Yet we see no solutions, Let the blames flow, maybe it would one day change things   Thank God my people now see why we should be praying Casting and binding, loosing and tying Oh ye forces of failure we bind thee, We cast thee into abyss and pits that have no bottom, You forces of failure be gone from our midst we pray, Go reside in the homes of our leaders looters who rape us each day   Enough of the blames I say, Let us get angry everyone in his own way, And with venom seek the very change we dearly crave From councillors to Senators, let us pour forth our wrath, Enough of the blames, let it stop this day To keep up the blames is a failure in itself I say. @gbengaosowe



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  • Ashwe

    So interesting and Thought provoking!