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December 20, 2012

OPINION: Nigeria and the Mayan Prophesy – Richard Chilee @richardchilee

OPINION: Nigeria and the Mayan Prophesy – Richard Chilee @richardchilee


More than a few people will agree with me that the world over has been grappling with the tension that, according to the classical Mayan prophesy, our world as we know it will come to an abrupt end today – Friday, with a promise of a brand new era that will begin tomorrow – Saturday.

Based to their calculations, the Mayans believe that  2012-12-20 marks the end of one great period of time, as measured during the classical period of their culture from about 250 to 900 AD. Dr R.T Witschey, a professor of anthropology and science education at the Longwood University in Virginia, who has spent years studying the Mayans and their ancient culture, writes that “The ancient Maya measured time in five long cycles, just as we count time cyclically, measuring it in years. One of their cycles, called the ‘Long Count’ included a measure of time that would read this way which is Friday (today) on their calendar. The Maya marked the end of this great count as the day in which the world will turn over, marking the next date as, which will be Saturday (tomorrow). “

The new age interpretation of this transition is that the date marks the start of a time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive spiritual or physical transformation, and that today – 21 December 2012, may mark the beginning of a new era. Other related religions suggest that the date marks the end of the world or a similar catastrophe.

In Nigeria, much as we may not believe the Mayan prophesies or the new age interpretations of the said prophesy because of our entirely different religious belief systems, this prophetic period must act as a defining moment in our lives. We must not believe that everything will come to an end, but we must believe that this is the time of transition from the era of gross irresponsibility associated with wickedness, selfishness, favouritism, tribalism, greed and incredible levels of corruption to the era of prosperity associated with goodness, altruism, impartiality, moderation and increasing levels of honesty and integrity. We must choose the message we want to give to posterity by making a choice of how we enter into the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance of the old era of irresponsibility or the acceptance of the new era of light and prosperity will determine whether the transition will happen with devastating changes or gradual peace and tranquillity.

This transition will not happen in isolation or individually, it will happen in synergy. We must come together as a nation to conquer the enemy within. Dealing with issues impeding Nigeria needs our collective effort; no ethnic and religious group is exempted. We must understand that a nation as indifferent as we are is a danger to itself. And one thing is certain today, a problem not tackled head-on becomes an even bigger problem; creating massive ripples effect.

Yesterday, someone told me that today isn’t the day that Nigeria will stop her higher levels of irresponsibility because the Government isn’t prepared to tackle them and because of lack of coherence of opinions within the regions in Nigeria. If today isn’t that day, when is the day going to come? Is it going to be next year? Is it going to be the next 5, 10, 15 or 20 years? We must not accept that today is not the day. The time to stop our increasing levels of irresponsibility is always today.

We must understand that a better society has never been built in an atmosphere of undue criticisms and acrimony neither would our collective goal be achieved under such circumstance. We must learn to act and do things differently. We must learn to sacrifice who we are today for whom we must become tomorrow. We also have to learn to concentrate more on our similarities rather than our differences. No time is more important than now for Nigerians to cast aside such differences and come together in pursuit of the single goal of creating a better and prosperous Nigeria. Like the Mayans, we must transit from the old era of irresponsibility to the new era of prosperity and unending possibility.

This is my message.


Written by Richard Chilee. I am a thinker, writer and entrepreneur. I tweet from @richardchilee



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