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Though many people have written about the Nigeria of their dream, yet the topic cannot be said to be over-flogged.
My dream is for a country free of all the old hags who refuse to leave the corners of power and keep retarding our motherland in mess. I wish for a day all of them crash like Danbaba Suntai.
I pray for a country cleansed of two women wastrels; nakedly plundering our wealth with impunity because our President is too henpecked to give them the sack. Oh God bring back the glorious days.
I pine for that Nigeria baptized of any form of religious intolerance where its citizens have eyes to see that religion is being used as a divide and rule tactics by those who want to keep us under subjugation.
Where is that Nigeria where, I recall ,when our parents were traveling, they would leave us in the care of neighbors with whom they shared neither tribe nor religion, yet they were assured of their wards’ safety until their return. It was a time when my best friends were James , Femi, Chinedu. Now, mutual suspicion has limited my circle of friends to people in my region because these are the only ones who accept me; those outside no longer trust me.
I crave for a nation free from boko haram, Niger Delta militancy and day light robbery which at times happen under the noses of handicapped security agents: a country where its citizens are not chickened from recalling their wayward leaders. Yes, a country where citizens would not allow any leader to turn himself or herself into a Demi- god.
I pray to call Nigeria a home where its youth are spurned towards being achievers instead of being recruited and left to waste as thugs. A nation where hard work, merit and diligence are the yardsticks to success and not where one man can loot so much yet be celebrated. A Nigeria that will turn to China where the penalty for corruption is death. And the nation’s resources shall be harnessed to greatness!
When shall my own be an industrialized nation where I don’t need to iron my cloths one month in advance for fear of electricity shortage? A country with standard medical facilities such that the money bags don’t need to rush to Germany, UK or the US for medical treatment.
My country should be adorned with standard schools, that I don’t need to export my children to Ghana or Niger for studies when the time comes.
A country with countless good people who we see as messiahs and not as presently where there is only one, ‘The old general’. And not with a government like this that has numerous committees and reports but never implements any recommendations there from.
I dream of a great nation where its security personnel are well trained, well respected, well protected with muscles to nail any offender regardless of status or money power. In this country today, one detests wearing any of the security uniforms with all the attendant contempt. True, the welfare of these personnel need to be addressed, improved with immediate alacrity even in this crippled Nigeria of today so that they shall be motivated to keep the fight for a saner society on.
I shall strive with my sweat, and join others too, to grow this country of our dream because if we do not do it, who will?
And after the work is done, I shall wake up refreshed to the sweet smell of peace … this dream country… day!
Written by Babawo M @9japointblank

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  • raliyakt

    dat’s d nigeria of everybody’s dream. We ll neva giv up dreaming 4 a beta nigeria. Kudos! Kip it up babawo.