#My2012Lessons :Lesson 2: Never to be like the Cab Driver

In continuation of my attempt at light hearted blogging, I will continue with my 2012 review posts here:

Let me make clarifications before I get maligned for slighting cab drivers. I respect every job and every effort by men and women to make ends meet and earn a living by doing things the legal way. In saying I learnt never to be like the cab man, I mean this in terms of what the job of the cab man entails. The cab man here is an average taxi driver.

An average taxi driver has no idea of his or her location as long as he is yet to engage a new passenger. Once he or she stops to pick a new passenger, the direction of movement of the cab driver depends entirely on where the passenger intends to go.

A lot of us may not be conscious of this but we live our lives like taxi drivers. Only moving in the direction of others and not the direction we set out to move to ourselves. In 2012, I never did a thing that did not fit into the big picture direction of my life. Every journey mattered to this, every new relationship tended to this and every new engagement was in line with my direction for the future. It is almost impossible to move forward toward your own big picture and not carry some folks along. Be certain that those you take along matter to that big picture. You cannot afford to take along to your future those whose lives have no bearing on your big picture.

Lesson 2: There is the taxi driver and there is the passenger. The taxi driver moves in the direction of the passenger. By so doing, the passenger must be willing to pay the cost of moving to the desired destination. If there are benefits at the destination that outweigh the cost of getting there, please be on the move already.

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PS: What lessons from 2012 are you willing to share with me? Let me know if you want me to publish them as posts but first you must drop them in the comments. Thank you

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  • M’ADE

    I’ve always learnt to be the driver of my dreams.

  • Navigating your life by yourself is priceless…..You do what you want, when and how you like.

  • Pikin

    The cab driver actually gets paid and can decide whether or not he wants to go in the direction the passenger wants him to go. The illustration didn’t perfectly fit…but we get the point anyway.

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