Clarion Noise: Right Before Our Eyes! – By Valentine O. Ogunaka @Naijamatta

Clarion Noise: Right Before Our Eyes! – By Valentine O. Ogunaka @Naijamatta


Hmmn! People of Eba Kingdom. I gong you all to arise and search for your lanterns. Behold, the largest meat in our mother’s pot has just been stolen—by the rats we allowed into our homes. We must find this meat because it behooves us. It is the meat for our children, and their own children shall bite from it as well.


Before now, we permitted bedbugs and lo!—they forced us out from our mattresses. We now sleep on hard bare floors. When the mosquitoes visited, they said they only cared for water and perhaps, coffee—they now depend on our blood. The annoying cockroaches too, and pestering flies are greedily after our foods. They relentlessly contaminate our water and have made the weakest amongst us, lepers.


I am indeed, deeply saddened. We could have averted this dire situation. Had we bore in mind that dangerous wild animals were once pets? Who could have thought that anyone could tame fire-enabled dinosaurs?


I have the National aid-memoire. Each time I look at it, I cry. It is blood-stained. I see faces of the innocent, short-lived patriots and heroes of our democracy. It is with heavy hearts that they ask, “Why? Why have we let it happen—right before our eyes?” A clan of thieves raided our homes. They raped our wives, invaded our barns and stole our yams—right before our eyes!


But I saw it coming. I complained about Ogobe, that little boy that used to steal N5. His mother warned me to stop meddling. Now Ogobe has built an empire of triads. He has nurtured a breed of crooks and has developed a curriculum for theft and corruption. Welldone, Ogobe! You are a great pervert!


Great hunters and the few good men in our land! Are you ready to hunt for the stolen meat? While you can—wouldn’t you restore our pride and hope so that by tomorrow evening, we would be having a great meal? Would you not return the smiles on the faces of our children and prevent them from kwashiorkor? Formidable, I know—but attainable! Naijans gird up! Time don reash!


Awakening protest!


– By Valentine O. Ogunaka

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