#AwakeningYou: MY NATION AND I (2): STOP YELLING! SAVE YOURSELF FIRST! – @StevenHaastrup

#AwakeningYou: MY NATION AND I (2): STOP YELLING! SAVE YOURSELF FIRST! – @StevenHaastrup


Welcome to #AwakeningYou. A Tuesday weekly script of #StartupNigeria, My name is Haastrup Steven.


Margaret Thatcher once spoke about the need for us to act on moral impulse in order to save our society. The moral impulse compels every citizen to act in the interest of the common good, even if it conflicts with his her personal interests. It calls us to adhere to a set of high standards even when no one is watching. It pushes us over the hill of selfish ambition to the inconvenient but rewarding life of responsible living. The moral impulse is the nature of God in each of us, trying to speak to us. Some call it conscience.


Whatever we call it, my dear reader, we must all admit that there is that thing in each of us that seeks to guide our lives, not only along things that interest us, but also along things that interest others.


We all started with good consciences. You remember the way you cried when your primary school friend was flogged for no justifiable reason. You remember the guilt you felt the first time you stole from your mama’s pot of soup. You remember the pain you went through trying to silence your conscience anytime you told a lie or broke a noble rule. Your conscience was so loud, it was as if someone was instructing you on the things to think say or do. You were in league with your conscience. Your knowledge of right and wrong was sharp.


Over the years, you and I have reprogrammed our consciences. We have allowed the environment and the need for personal survival to rob us of the dictates of our consciences. We started with excusing our selfish actions and choices. We justified the trampling on the rights of others. We excused lack of decorum. We excused the pursuit of mediocrity. Convenience rather than discipline became our watchword. We started to work against our consciences and in the process weakened the only guiding light for good individual and community responsible living. The moral impulse died on the altar of selfishness.


We are all paying the price for the slaughter of our moral impulses. Without the moral guiding light, what we have left is darkness. In the darkness of our hearts, we cannot but stumble again and again.


Picture with me, for a moment, a typical traffic jam in a major Nigerian city. It is nothing but a clash of dark hearts and minds seated behind the wheels.


My dear listener, to reclaim our nation, we must recover the moral impulse. And we had better start today before the pitch darkness covers our nation totally.


We Must, We Will and We Can!


Join me next Tuesday as I continue theStartup Nigeria series! Invite friends and family… we own this country and we must take it back as one!


Spread this message as far as you can!

God bless You!


God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


Haastrup Steven is the Executive Director of Startup Nigeria; He is a freelance writer, speaker, Startup trainer and a lover of God. He is a fan of technology and its influence over our lives and the society.


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