ABU @50: A Poem by Aliyu Bala Aliyu

ABU @50: A Poem by Aliyu Bala Aliyu


Towering above them all like a giant almond tree

Watching over their young souls free

Imparting knowledge to all that seeketh

From far and near they cometh

From the north; from the south

From the south; from the east

Zaria was the confluence

We may not have set our eyes on the fireworks

But we sure felt the warmth of the fireplace

Even saw the splinters and glowing sparks

From the sages of yore that walked your face

And set alight lit the raging flames of scholarship

Those of activism not least either

And the nation bore did bear witness

The continent the echoes did hear

And the world the vibrations

We salute you oh ABU

But by the toll of time and clime

All dying from wear and tear

And no firebrands and brains to nourish their flames

Nearly all drained or cowered to base

In toil and sweat battling to survive

Stifled yet trudging on

As the testimonies bear to say it all

We salute you oh ABU

For standing so tall through these years

Through the ups and downs

Showering us with love and all you had to give

Your sons and daughters the world over are strewn

How gallant and high they strut the earth

With their badges of excellence and honour

“ABUSITES” as your children are called

Ahead and distinguished in all we do

So proud to be born of you

Certainly so to pass the baton

To the generations to carry on the tradition

We lit our torch at your feet

And gazed upon your visage

And beheld the promise of tomorrow

And theirs too they shall light there

How proud; how glad; we are honoured

Thy flag shall flutter and lights not dim

Beyond two scores and ten

We salute you oh ABU


Aliyu Bala Aliyu,

Dec 2012,


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