#ThinkOutLoud: WE THE “OTHERS”- Osowe Oluwagbenga @gbengaosowe

#ThinkOutLoud: WE THE “OTHERS”- Osowe Oluwagbenga @gbengaosowe “In honour the many OTHERS who died in company of dignitaries”   Cries of joy heralded our arrivals By our births, allegiance with barrenness got denounced, Cows, fowls, goats and rams were led to the slaughter Parents rejoiced at the coming of their sons and daughters You can now call us mothers and fathers they proudly announced We have brought forth children who would guarantee our family survival   Oh the joy of our parents to see us blossom Like little children they giggled as we took our first steps Tiny as we were they sent us to school To learn of the ways that lead to fame The teacher’s cane was a willing tool Administered to keep from the ways of shame   Oh, I hear about the Prime Minister’s mother? The tales of war, declared on her abductors The loud-mouthed governor roared like a Jack Bauer “Give us 24 hours” he said, we’d surely find her How I wish same was said of the countless others The numerous others found dead, maimed, dismembered.   Being in the governor’s employ was no mean feat Pleas, lobbying and bribes played their part A place in His Excellency’s palace and you’re made Access to the good things of life surely guaranteed Countless trips to serve the governor tea Waiting while he met with endless committees   The General’s retinue is not for mere men Tawdry jokes by the warlord must not be laughed at Unwilling listeners to many a boring tales we were To be seen and not heard was our unlucky portion Many envy us, our lot they’d gladly have But we are just the others, the insignificant others   The call of duty I can’t refuse For this purpose was I trained and paid The air is my habitat, the view from these heights, heavenly The whims of these silly old men, I have to bear An order from the Commander of the Forces, my opinions don’t count I chose to be a Pilot, a lord on air   Ten pages for the General,  and six for the Governor Encomiums, eulogies and accolades Pour forth in their honours Our names, many would never know Oh, the indignity of dying in the midst of dignitaries Now WE are the OTHERS, the insignificant others.   (Happy birthday to you my friend Olanrewaju Bucknor, aka @lordrooz. May you not die as one of the others)



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    Awww! how sweet… i know wherever she maybe, she is at peace with our Lord.