UNIABUJA: War fare company or Univerty? ~ Fawaz Abdul

There is a limit to what one can maltreat people until they rise up. That limit has been reached when students of UNIABUJA realized that some of their courses are not accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) which is preventing them from graduating and to make further steps in their lives. A student union is also lacking in UNIABUJA to organize the interest of the students. After protests in April a six months ultimatum given by the students ran out without meaningful progress in terms of accreditation. This has led to new protests on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th to stop the examination process during which thugs have attacked students in the night, following the fleeing students even into the boys’ and girls’ hostels at the main campus. These attacks of Monday night have led to a turnout of about 5000 protesting students which blocked the Lokoja-Abuja highway and the airport road on Tuesday. Lies spread by the Vice Chancellor James Adelabu that students were wearing guns and machetes lead to a breakdown of the protests by the military. The shutdown of UNIABUJA ordered by the VC was enforced by soldiers chasing students out of the hostels by brutally beating them.

Why is the VC using violence against his students, that he has repeatedly called his sons and daughters? Because UNIABUJA has increasingly become a production company for certificates and academic jobs! More than any VC before Adelabu “chops” the benefits of this company alone, which has also led to a strong opposition by a faction of the Academic Staff Union (ASUU). The money that Adelabu is embezzling is used to build his own, private university in his home Oyo State and secondly to bribe everybody that is threatening to stop his access to his personal national cake, the UNIABUJA.

A strong student movement is now rising up against the exploitative Adelabu administration. The only thing they want is their basic right as students: To have the opportunity to get a certificate after studying and writing exams for years and a student union that is standing in for their interest. This movement fears that the VC has a wicked plan. Adelabu has fixed exams for 400 Level students for December 3rd, although it is impossible to meet the protesters demands until this date. His plan might be to create a clash between protesters and students who want to write exams to graduate and begin their NYSC, which would allow him to shut down the school for a longer time. UNIABUJA must not be a warfare. UNIABUJA must not be a production company for certificates and jobs. UNIABUJA has to be an institution that is empowering young Nigerians to make something good out of their life and contribute to the progress of our nation. Let us help the UNIABUJA protesters by making their struggle public. The VC cannot violate his students while the whole nation is watching him.

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