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November 18, 2012

REVOLT!!! – Rev Olooshun @revolution_ng

REVOLT!!! – Rev Olooshun @revolution_ng
When a people as numerous, as diverse, as gifted, as dynamic and as beautiful as Nigerians, allow themselves to be bottled and crated, and the crate locked in a hole in the kitchen store, it evokes in me the belief that jazz really works and that somehow mass-jazzing has been invented.
Few nations boast a greater number of global achievers who have shone on the world stage, and fewer still have a wider variety of such achievers. Sports, music, movies, science, technology…..
Yet at home mediocrity is the air we breathe. Our best are misruled by our worst. Empty men
of violence lead men of thought, tugging on their bloody noses, one marching, the other crawling, both on a doomed road.
Other nations have chased their demons back to the darkness; Tunisia, Libya, Egypt. But somehow, we trudge on, squeezing muddy water from hard rock. Finding a semblance of life where normal men would have long since died. Our tenacity is our enemy, our strength our foe. Where America’s strength has taken them to the moon, ours has kept us alive, though our heart stopped beating long ago.
The strength that could help us swim forward, we use to stay afloat. Lesser men, wiser men, would sink. But we do not sink, and because we do not sink, we do not drown. If we had drowned, if we had hit rock bottom, if we had stared the ugly face of despair and defeat, eyeball to eyeball and found no succor perhaps we would finally stir. If 180 million people stirred, no foe, from the barracks to the
Villa, from the Bonga oil fields to the London oil firms would be able to hold them down.
We forget that all of us can trace our lines back to royalty. No one that bears the name Nigerian today has a heritage of slavery. Our ancestors going back just 2 generations were men of honor and conscience. Yes some were liars and thieves, cheats and cons, but these were the minority. They stole in secret and when caught they paid the full price. Today we do not just tolerate thieves; we
allow them to lead us. We bow to perverts, adulterers, murderers, occultists and every other kind of depraved person. Why? When did we become so enslaved in our hearts and minds?
It is way past time to take a stand. Men and women of honor and veracity must speak out and reclaim this land. Our silence is all that is needed for the status quo to persist. It is what brought it about in the first place.
Welcome Comrades… to the Revolution!!!
– Rev Olooshun
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