#NoiseofRevolt: The Audacity of Nonsense – By @Obajeun

Yours sincerely just came back from self imposed writing exile to the backyard of Ibadan. About ten miles away from the Premier University of Ibadan is the urban hell of Sango where berserk buses compete with its equally disturbed denizens for the laurel of lunacy. The Americans at the apex of things at the Tropical Institute around the area  would have none of this nonsense. They have created a little America in suburban Ibadan. If Sango and its deviant ethos were to be transported to America, the entire inhabitants would have been quarantined as a threat to national sanity.
In the real sense of it, there is political writing and there is writing politics. Yours sincerely does none of these. To find a place to fix Obajeun in-between is to attempt to commit  a dialectical suicide, such an impossible task. Obajeun had had to contend with some nuances of writings in past days to the extent that one is almost forced to slap some chesty oppressors with some corrosive verbal jives. But that just explains my writing hibernation, though not the essence of today’s cross.
I have written here before that we are earnestly running after shadows, and I concluded that we will always end up like Arsenal FC. We are in the middle of another fruitless journey that will lead us more far away from the promise land. Reviewing the 1999 constitution, though daring, but it is like a grandstanding display of audacity of nonsense.
You only improve on what is working, though at lower pace, you can never improve on what you are not willing to work out, you have to rework it. We have not optimized the 1999 constitution, yet we want to review and improve it. We did cry for FOI, I am yet to see a full blown outcry coming from the use of FOI. A law is useless if it is not enforced. Until people know that there is repercurssion for any wrong doing, we will always come back to the same spot. When you review a law just because the enforcement part of it failed, it shows that it is either we are fooling the law or the law is fooling us.
Surely if the aim of the constitution review is to reposition the nation state, we must know that it takes more than surly diatribe and spiritual grandstanding to find an authentic pathway. It takes clarity of vision, psychological stamina, organisational discipline and a certain generosity of spirit which conduces to the surrender of self and ego to the collective self-interest.
Sadly this is not the aim. The lawmakers are playing to the gallery of the fools. If one can understand the caterwauling of the unenlightened, the ranting of those who have taken up permanent combat position on the social media and their fellow internet interns and internees of cyber caves, one is sure to be consigned into the abysmal cave of frustration once it is time to enforce the unwarranted reviewed laws.
When the din of political commotion on the constitution review has receded, when tempers have cooled, when frayed nerves have calmed considerably, we will have to resume the dialogue, if not for our own sake but for the sake of our children, for the sake of posterity and for the sake of a nation in total shambles. All the major post-independence and post-colonial crises of the Nigerian state and nation have always emanated from deceit. Once again, the omens are dark and dire. We may have it reviewed but we may never have it worked out because it will never be enforced.

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