#AwakeningYou: STARTUP NIGERIA: I WILL NEVER SAY NEVER! – @StevenHaastrup

#AwakeningYou: STARTUP NIGERIA: I WILL NEVER SAY NEVER! – @StevenHaastrup


I woke up on the 25th of November to read the headline via @omojuwa that N5 trillion was looted in 2 years under the Jonathan administration, I got so fired up and ready to use my skill to raise an army of radical change.


Are you ready for Change?


Welcome to #AwakeningYou – a Tuesday weekly script of #StevenSpeaks.


I am the Executive Director of Startup Nigeria and I don’t want to rush this, as from next week, we will be indepthly looking at the issues involved in making a nation great. We will consider the role you can play in the transformation of our society. Then we will examine how to change our nation by focusing on one person and one issue at a time.


It will be a systematic series of Charge ups, Challenge and Call to Action.


Get ready, friend, we are embarking on a life transformation experience. I am hoping to challenge your passivity. I am hoping to raise the level of your consciousness to your responsibility for the society. I am hoping to challenge you to exchange your self-centeredness for a life that includes and takes cognizance of the needs of others.


I am going to appeal to the sense of your community to reach out beyond your comfort zone to impact the lives of others. I will be recruiting you into a huge army of change agents that will ignite and perhaps sustain a determined effort to impact our society. You know what I believe? I believe there is nothing wrong with Nigeria that cannot be corrected with what is right with Nigeria. If you are thinking along the same line with me, then we can team up to change our world.


Let me surprise you. I am not going to ask you to join a club or organization. All I am going to ask for is a passion for goodness. I am going to ask you to get outside of your safe havens – the shuttered doors and windows – to venture out with me into the turbulent world. The world of hurts, of sorrows, of pains. It is the world where our values are slipping at an alarming rate. It is a world where we are daily losing grips on realities. It is a world that is becoming hopeless everyday because you and I are not taking charge as we should.


Dear reader, in the next two months or so, I will challenge you to stand up to be counted on the side of change and development. For you and me, it will no longer be business as usual. Changing our nation will no longer be their job, but ours. Transforming our society will no longer be a side talk but the real issue. It will engage our minds and dominate our debates. But beyond all these, it will be lead to a concerted action, with each of us taking responsibility for transforming our society, one person and one issue at a time. Will you join me?


Join me next Tuesday as I begin the Series! Invite friends and family… we own this country and we must take it back as one!


Spread this message as far as you can!


God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


Haastrup Steven is the Executive Director of Startup Nigeria; He is a freelance writer, speaker, startup trainer and a lover of God. He is a fan of technology and its influence over our lives and the society.


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