#AwakeningYou: AFFIRMING TOMORROW TODAY… – Haastrup Steven @StevenHaastrup

#AwakeningYou: AFFIRMING TOMORROW TODAY… – Haastrup Steven @StevenHaastrup


The Right Meditation provides these two to your Vision, an Assurance and an Understanding – Steven. H


Welcome to #AwakeningYou – a Tuesday weekly script of #StevenSpeaks.


Great leaders always do this with their vision: they recall it often and often until they firmly believe it.  The creative mind thrives on repetition. It is empowered by affirmation.

Affirmation is the statement of truth you repeat to yourself so often that it becomes a part of your life. Some call it mediation and they are right.


One dictionary defines ‘mediation’ as the “continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature.”  Mediation is a continuous exercise. It is something you do daily, hourly, moment by moment. It is your waking thought and the very last thing on your mind before you go to bed. Effective leaders know the engine of the creative mind is fuelled by truth, repeated so often. That is why they meditate on their vision often that men around them cannot but notice.


Not only do they meditate long, they also meditate deep. Theirs is a profound contemplation. It is not a shallow thought that fizzles with time. They think long and deep – contemplating the details and juggling the options. Mediation is also often referred to as musing. Musing is “a calm lengthy intent consideration.” A lengthy and intent contemplation takes a root in the mind of a great leader and becomes the raw material the brain needs to create the reality he is seeking and what God needs to bring it to pass.


But meditation is not just about contemplation. It also involves speaking softly and quietly to yourself. This also requires length and depth. Talk to yourself so often about your dream and you keep it alive. Talk deep on issues relating to the vision and it becomes a part of your life.


Visualizing is another way you recall your vision. Make a mental picture of your destination and constantly and deeply see it in your mind’s eye. Go a step further, put the picture on paper and paste on your refrigerator or beside your mirror in the bathroom or on the wall right before you as you lay on your bed. Let this picture be what you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before you switch off the light in your room. Some put this picture in their wallet. Some others insert it in their bibles.


Dear reader, endeavor to keep your vision alive by recalling it so often. Think long and deep. Talk to yourself often. Create a mental picture. Visualize your vision by physically creating a picture of it and out it a place where it can be recalled so often.


Dear reader, your mind needs the power of recall to make it function effectively; do not deny it that power.


Haastrup Steven is the CEO of Wingsword Group; He is a freelance writer, speaker, startup trainer and a lover of God. He is a fan of technology and its influence over our lives and the society.

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