#SomethingFresh: She Gave Herself To Him – by Ike Amadi @ikeamadi

#SomethingFresh: She Gave Herself To Him – by Ike Amadi

So, it’s been a long time I had written on my blog and so I decided to react to a facebook message a friend sent m, which goes thus:

“Can you write an article about hypocrites in the church? A friend told me she so trusted a guy because he is active in church and because of that she gave herself to him.
He dumped her after a few days….
write so that ladies should be more careful!

Yes I was going to do this. I took my seat and started punching the keyboard after doing a little research to make sure the passages quoted were correct.
But then, whenever I write an important article, I usually make sure someone else takes a look at it.
This one needed an extra eye.
I inboxed my trusted friend,

“Hey, how are you?
By the way, I wrote something about a lady who ‘gave’ herself to a leader in the church who dumped her after a few days.”

“Can I read it?” She asked

I hoped she didn’t ask. But then, I secretly wanted her to see it.

I showed her the article I had written, having divided it into 5 sub-headings:

1) Hypocrites in the church.
2)Trusted a guy because he is active in church.
3)She gave herself to him
4)he dumped her after a few days
5)write so that ladies should be more careful.


“Hmm…Interesting,” she said.
“Did it make sense? Can it be posted for public reading? “I inquired.

“It’s okay. Not your best. But it’s okay” she said.

“Oh hmmn. Not my best.
Ok….will try again. “

“No, no. It’s fine. It works. It’s just…it’s missing something. That’s what I mean…you usually have more…heart. Even when it’s something serious and you’re trying to convict people it still has Ike Amadi’s heart. That’swhat’smissing.” Shecontinued.

Nice one. Yes, I must add the heart.
So there is an Ike Amadi heart yea?
You must tell me more.”

“Umm…Ike Amadi’s heart…let me see”

“Allears” I said.

“Sometimes when I read your stuff I feel like you’re passionate about it. And if even if you’re not…it seems you find something in the subject matter that you can be passionate about. So it doesn’t ever sound like you’re just preaching and spitting out words. You really care about what you’re saying and you care about the reader and how it will affect them. This piece is missing that. It almost sounds as if you’re writing it just to write it. Because you have to…or because someone asked you too. Even though you have the scriptures and good points…as a reader…i’m missing the passion. I don’t feel like you really care. Maybe you do…you just haven’t shown it well this time.”

“hahahahha…how honest of you.
yes, yes.
which is why I mentioned it to you.
and i hoped u wouldn’t ask to see it
but then I was glad you did.
you are very right.”

“hahaha…you hoped I wouldn’t ask? lol That’s funny.”

“I guess, in this case, I decided to wear a different robe.” I explained.

“Wearing a different robe is good. It works. If that’s what you’re going for…then it works.”

“If I am to put my heart in this, it would cause me to weep.”

And then she went on:
“AHA! “Cause me to weep”…That’s what’s missing. Because it IS something that sad and it’s frustrating and it happens…It should break your heart. It should break mine!
That’s what the reader needs to feel from you. Stop holding back!
Even if you get a little too passionate…that passion will help the reader see why you’re writing this…why you care…and why they should care.
And it will make them want to Do Something about it. In their own lives…in the lives of friends, families and the church. “
And then she said these last words:
“If your passion is silent…how will your words have any affect?”

I decided not to post what I wrote in response to the facebook message…until I am able to put my heart into it.

Please feel free to leave comments on the matter.

Thanks for reading the long piece…lol



Ike Amadi
@ikeamadi on Twitter.



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