Can your poem or story win this #EgunjeInfo prizes?

The Best Egunje Story:

You heard about the #EgunjeInfo campaign yesterday. Here is your chance to be part of our drive and pursuit of a re-orientation of our value process. You really should look to win this and we intend to celebrate our winners in the press conference at the Launch of the Egunje portal.

We are looking at originality, creativity and uniqueness. This must not be above 600 words. The stories will be collated and published amongst the first posts on the new Egunje site. The top 3 finishers will get gifts/rewards and invitations to the launch of the portal in Abuja. The winner will speak to the press.

The best Egunje Poem:

Here, we are looking at a poem that expresses the issue in the most talented way possible. This will prepare a fruitful ground for everyone for when we finally do our “Call to Action” because by this time, many would have seen egunje beyond extorted money and its usual faces and can indeed relate it to dead mothers, dead children and the other realities of poverty in our society. The top 3 finishers will get gift rewards and invitations to the launch of the portal in Abuja. The winner will speak to the press.
For submission of entries please comply with the following rules:

The file format must be Microsoft word file (doc, docx)
The maximum amount of words should not be more than 400 words for the poem/ 600 words for the stories.
Deadline of submission of entries must reach us on or before Friday, 2nd November 2012.
In sending the entry, include:

Full name, phone number, and twitter handle/twitter address.
The email for submission of entries is
Entries will only be considered from followers of @PINS2015 (twitter) Public Integrity Networks (Facebook)
Twitter story contribution
Send your personal stories of egunje experiences and how it has affected you; your stories will be shared by the @pins2015 and @omojuwa handles

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  • Please include ipad as one of the gift items

  • I want to participate in this contest,i dont have enough time now,i need my poems to speak for me.please i have 20 poems