THINGS FALL APART (Poetry) – by Okegbemiro Oluwaseun @MCMrLucas

THINGS FALL APART (Poetry) – by Okegbemiro Oluwaseun


A simulation of a life drawn on the gates of Aso Rock

Classic case of perception versus reality

Wealthy individuals, starving nation

Corrupt leaders, vitiated people

Separated by the differing amount of zeros in our bank accounts

With men swinging their agbada saying, “one thousand, five hundred”

We need to account for the days when we would go to the bank, exchange one Naira for one Dollar

The days when new graduates would get a job days after graduation

New civil servants riding around in their Volkswagen Beetles

United by the greed we all share in our eyes

A nation where things fall apart

From the soldiers in the Biafra war to the coup d’état that eliminated Aguiyi Ironsi and Fajuyi in 1966

The letter bomb,boom shalakaboobkaboom boom pow pow,that spread the body of Dele Giwa in his living room on October 19 1986

As significant as the war shells that was left to fall apart in Ikeja cantonment

Not deciphered by the great mind of our past military leaders, leading to boom shalakaboobkaboom boom pow pow, this time louder, as more bodies fall apart

Yet the president responds with, “We are a nation of millions of people. We thank God it is just a couple thousands, it could have been more”

Gone are the days when the Eagles were super

When Okocha would dribble through a defense like a snake in a maze

When Oliseh would drive a shot that tore the net like a knife in the hand of a hunter

Oh, how do I forget “SAP”

The devaluation of the Naira that sapped us of our strength as a nation

Religious enmity, clowned under the disguise of zonal leadership

Hausa today, Yoruba tomorrow and Igbo never

Clever, but we are smarter than that

By ‘we’, I mean the youth that are now willing to stand up

The ones who scream #ENOUGHISENOUGH on the streets of Abuja

The ones who demonstrated peaceful protest during #OCCUPYNIGERIA

All we ask is to #LIGHTUPNIGERIA

Yahooze has become the order of the day

On this day, I ask to have it in another way

Cultural Hegemony edges money in the mouth of my culture

People shutting their lips in reward for a meal for their family

They have become an ally to the destruction of self,refusing to get emancipated from mental slavery

Shutting their eyes from the evil jungle justice they see

Triggered fingers fingering the guitar of the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Where are the men who would revive Kalakuta Republic?

Where are the men who would change the coil in the lantern when the oil runs out?

Yes, the oil will not last forever

Remember the strife of the Ogoni people

The public unquestioned hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa

I do not expect us to fall anymore to this kind abasha

Abacha might have drained our resources

Luckily, in many of us, the source is gained

The government has for long put us in a portmanteau of conundrum

They have played us hide and seek as all things fall apart

Deceiving us with words like “I had no shoes”

Today they fly in the sky

Making us sell our shoes to maintain our families

They express their ability to word play as they play with words

Just that in reality, they are playing with our oblivion


Okegbemiro Oluwaseun


@MCMrLucas on twitter



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