Reuben the cursed son of Jacob (Poetry) – by Elisha Otome Okoromoba

Reuben the cursed son of Jacob (Poetry) – by Elisha Otome Okoromoba It was yesterday or was it not? Your voice echoed through your pen The ink glued to time and memories Like the running night clouds when The swift east wind wakes the sun   It is today, yes just today Your pen echoes through your voice Like the noisy okpolokpolo in Osho-drive’s chest The lyric of which there’s no dance step But bile mingled with disgust to our already flaccid legs   It was yesterday, yes just yesterday Your pen like a dragon rained fire To the defense of the commons and lowly Whose future from ages long have been distilled In the apparatus of fear, hopelessness and helplessness   I mean yesterday! Or was it not? When we all rushed to Wilmer’s paper stand To hear from the oracle of the Guardian Whose mouth spewed terror on government’s treachery As exemplified in Bukola’s lootitude anthem   Yea! It was you, yes you! Who gave heads and presidents the lingering flu At the threat of grenade and letter bomb Your pen like Voltron’s magical blazing sword Rubbished their excesses, dictatorship and cowardice   Oh today, yes just today Like the gloomy weather that signal heavy rainfall When we hide indoors to hope, chat and play Our warrior sleeps and dines with Dolus and Apate At the seeming high and unconquerable heavens of Aso Rock   The smell of Jacob’s fart Rummaging your senses to sweetness Is the axe and curse that writes your story in proverbs For when tomorrow shall come Today will be but yesterday and We will call you Reuben the cursed son of Jacob   Elisha Otome Okoromoba



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  • http://agumar01 abubakar garba umar

    Beautiful description of a monkey.

  • Adesuwa

    Very apt.

  • @iwatchthenation

    Just on point.
    Reuben shall be remembered by the deeds of his later days unfortunately.
    May it not be said that his father jacob’s curse has been with him even in his yester years, when we used to rush to our Guardian’s shed…!

  • wessy

    Lobatan! Just bcos of sheer greed he gained cheap popularity. Now he has a superior as he’s been used and dumped as they do.

    When Dora. Akunyili was performing excellently as MD of NAFDAC, we all hailed her, when govt planned her downfall they decided to make her Minister of Information for where me I dey. A pharmacist turned Communicator ibo lo ti nse iru e! Gbege come burst as she start dey misyearn ‘rebranding’. Where’s she now?

  • Jalo.

    It was only yesterday…When Ruebens fart let the cart out of the bag..Only for him to join the money bags..Chop and clean mouth,and then races his mouth in defence of his royal highness the clueless one..What a shame..He’s lost it all,his sense and his good name..

  • Uchendutalks

    Great poem. When a person loses the object of his life for the sake of money, his end is always predictable.

    I don’t know how the history of Reuben will be written, but his decision to be the mouthpiece of a corrupt government will go down as one of the worst decisions he ever made.

  • Observer

    Something keeps amazing me, this same @omojuwa that’s publishing this article on his blog is one of the few handles Reuben Abati follows on twitter. I think this hypocrisy should better stop. We are also aware of the numerous ass-licking you do to Femi Fani-Kayode, Bukola Sararki, Nasir El-Rufai, Lamido Sanusi, and so on. This people are not better of than the government you tear apart on a regular basis, yet you maintain a close relationship with its Spokesperson.