Let us #SaveFunmi Lawal. Letters from Funmi, Funmi’s friends, brother, and Doctor

Good evening sir,
Thank you for your interest in saving funmi, we would really appreciate all the help you can render sir. Please find attached pictures of Funmilayo Lawal and below is the chat with Funmi containing the details about her health in her own words:

Funmi: “I’ve had this shoulder issues since like 7yrs now though, have done a surgery sometimes back and I’ve gone to other places too, but no head way (couldn’t lift the hand) but when law school came, I dint have time for the hand but studies.. Then it started getting bigger at d shoulder region and bigger by d day. I went 2 my hospital and they asked me 2 do some test like MRI, fine needle test and all. On d test, they said there is a MALIGNANT SARCOMA. A doctor friend then referred me to an expert doctor in this field… He said its a kind of bone cancer and its extensive, he said I must start RADIO therapy fast to shrink d tumor and stop any spread. He also said that there is a test called “bone scan” dt will show my whole body to know where it has spread to and this test can’t be done in Nigeria because d machine is not in Nigeria yet, that I must find a way as soon as possible to go do d surgery outside the country because its life threatening… He said if I lose my hand its better than losing my life. Meanwhile my brother contacted some doctors online and hospitals that specialize in this kind of tumor.. He was the one that gave the estimated price via email”

Funmi’s phone numbers are: 08096617172, 08055892528
Her blackberry pin is: 2807E7F5

The account detail is: Funmilayo Lawal 0002855164 GTBANK

N:B I have also forwarded two additional emails: one containing the estimate that was given to Funmi and the second one shows the results she got from the hospital.


Thank you very much for the audience.

Ife Bryant (friend)


I dont mean to bother you in any way but I believe you are exactly what we need. A friend of mine, Funmilayo Lawal who just recently wrote her bar exam was just diagnosed with a form of cancer – MALIGNANT SARCOMA.

She is only 24 years old and the doctors say she has to undergo a surgical procedure ASAP. The procedure will cost about 15, 000 pounds (approx. N4million) and the families need serious help in raising the money with urgency.

I am pleading with you to help lend your voice to this cause as I believe your influence in the social media community will go a long way in saving this young girl’s life.

If there are any questions you want answered to confirm the authenticity of this claim, please feel free to ask. If I can’t answer accurately, I will get a close family member to do so.

Please, please, please acknowledge this mail.

Adesunloye Busola (friend)


Hello Brian,

My name is Babajide Lawal, I am writing from Lagos Nigeria in respect of my younger sister, Miss Funmilayo Lawal, who currently suffers from a Shoulder injury and needs urgent medical attention.

Funmilayo Lawal is a 24 year old law student at the Nigeria Law School, with a history of shoulder injury dating back to 2006. She has tried to get medical attention locally through both private and public hospitals with no success. There was actually a surgery carried out on the shoulder in 2007, unfortunately, the surgery was not successful has the injury and pain still persist.

In recent times, there have been continuous swollen at the shoulder, coupled with severe pain coming from the injury. After another round of medical examination, we have been advised to seek medical attention abroad with the aim of finding a lasting solution to this. Thus, the reason for my mail. I have attached the report of the MRI performed on the shoulder for your attention; hopefully, this will give you an idea of what the injury is about. I can also send you the x-ray should you so desire.

I stumbled on your profile during my research of possible orthopaedic hospitals in the UK and I feel comfortable with your resume. I believe I can get a solution to this injury at London Orthopaedic Hospital. I will appreciate your feedback to this mail to enable me begin the logistic plans and know the financial implications.

Once again, my name is Babajide Lawal. Funmilayo Lawal is my sister and I’m responsible for her welfare among others. Please feel free to mail me and ask any questions and I would be happy to respond.

Many thanks.

With warm regards,

‘Jide Lawal (brother)


Dear Mrs Lawal

Many thanks for your enquiry. Mr Cohen would be happy to see and advise your sister depending on a full clinical assessment and appropriate investigations. The approximate cost for shoulder surgery is in the region of £10000.00. The cost of an initial consultation with Mr Cohen is £250.00, xrays start from £147.00 and an MRI scan is approx £980.00.

If you wish to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Maritia Barkham

Maritia Barkham
PA to Mr Brian Cohen

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