#VoicesInMyHead: RELEVANCE – by @oreoluwade

Ask the one who staunchly opposes anything/anyone with a differing school of thought from his.

Ask the kid who wails even louder when “spectators/sympathisers” increase in number.

Ask the serial killer who implements nouveau exciting ways to torture and kill.

Ask the witch who waves her wand for longer hours than the others.

Ask the man who works his socks off day and night.

Ask the fool, the clown, the comedian.

Ask the girl who flaunts her breasts wildly before an horny audience.

Ask the critic who always has something to say to belittle something or someone.

Ask them repeatedly what their endgame is. I’m sure you’ll receive similar answers from each and everyone boiling down to the fact that they want to be reckoned with.

The story is almost always told the same: ‘Small town boy forges ahead, battles against the odds and comes out as gold refined in fire, becomes a big shot all in all.’

The thirst for relevance is what defines our whole existence. Which is why when some people discover they have little or no impact on their immediate surroundings, they seek refuge elsewhere, some in new friends, some in new challenges, some in uncharted courses while some decide to take their lives as they believe this to be the easiest way out.

Don’t lay a monstrous blame on he who seeks for friendship like it’s his daily bread, don’t push away someone who tries something and goofs at the first try, don’t water down someone’s importance simply because he doesn’t share your ideas or ideals.

We can all live in this world and be relevant in some way, one star doesn’t stop the other from shinning.

The path of relevance we have chosen is what distinguishes us even long after we are dead.

The speed of revolution of the earth ensures that things seem to be at a standstill whereas they’re moving at a scarily fast rate. The man who fails to take time by the horn soon realizes the whole “potent period” of his life is gone by and as such he would have made no impact whatsoever on the world.

Even in the midst of chaos, the irregularities in living standards, the ‘wrongness’ in lifestyles especially in our part of the world, some still go ahead to make indelible marks in their chosen fields.

The onus thus lies on us to strive steadfastly in our own little ways to be forces of nature wherever we find ourselves.

Whether in large or small gatherings, the idea is to make a difference in the lives and environment of those we come in contact with. To make sure our circles of influence feel us a great deal.

Sometimes we do not need to directly touch the lives of the bulk of people we meet. Simply impacting one person can spark a chain reaction resulting in a “domino effect” that changes the world for good.

Making an impact, being relevant is a conscious decision, it hardly ever falls upon us except probaby the extremely lucky ones. Actually luck alone is not something I believe in. I believe in hard work as well as I believe in luck and I. Believe the harder I work, the luckier I get. That should be something you stand by also as the second half of this month kicks into full gear.

Forget the past, look onto greater things ahead. Don’t let past relationships and standards hold you back from embracing the future. Be mindful of those you give an ear too. Ensure they are the ones that can spark radical thinking in you towards effecting a change.

Opportunity shouldn’t be left knocking. Whoever is wise would open the door, drag opportunity in even while it’s screaming.

Giving excuses time and again do not change our failures to successes. Laying the blame at the feet of another does not wipe away our incompetencies, does not clear our troubles.

Taking charge is the only sure way to advocate for change. Every man should fight his own battles.

Relevance is in any and many ways. Find your impact point(s) and make sure you direct all your efforts to make your name stand the test of time, to leave your fingerprints on the sands of time.

I ask myself often whether I’d leave this world any better than the way I found it. Ask yourself this often too, work it out yourself. No one would do it for you.

I conclude with these few lines:

I was born and now a name I adorn

I have lived and perceived

I’ve walked and talked

I’ve played, I’ve prayed

I’ve worked, I’ve sulked

Made friends and foes likewise

When I walk through the floor in the door

When I close my eyes in death

What would be said of me?

Will my time here be worth only a dime?

What lives would I have touched?

What legacy left behind?

In all I do, my utmost desire is that I stay relevant, stand up and be counted for even when the mighty finally have fallen.

As you go into the remaining half of the year BE RELEVANT and STAY RELEVANT.


I’m @oreoluwade on twitter

NB: I only write those things those screaming voices in my head direct me to.

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