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He makes the girls blush, handsome and creatively endowed, Oreoluwa Aboluwarin is a poet extraordinaire and his participation in the 3rd Edition of’s SuperBloggers did not go unnoticed as he came 3rd after a fiercely fought contest. Let’s get to meet him:



I am Oreoluwa Aboluwarin, the second child in a family of three children. Born a little above twenty years ago. I graduated from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife a couple of months back with a B. Sc Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I love reading, singing, listening to ‘sane’ music, writing, sports (especially soccer and tennis), a Manchester United fan, I play chess and scrabble proficiently.
I love learning and as such I consider everyone I meet better than me in some way in that I learn something of him. To this end, I believe everyone deserves to be loved, appreciated and respected. Everyone deserves to have an opinion and should not be riled because he has a different opinion from ours. What distinguishes us from the uncivilized is the ability to come together and discuss our differences and peculiarities and see if the next person will “come to the light.”
I believe a lot in keeping solid and lasting relationships, standing for what is right even when standing alone, making the most of every opportunity and having the heart of a child, being open to change, a different school of thought every other time.

My Foray Into Writing:

As virtually all writers would probably say, I started writing at an early age. I wrote the most ridiculous stories you’d ever come across, drew the most incredible caricatures as illustration. I read a lot early on in life and having educators (teachers) as parents certainly drove me a long way to becoming studious and as such developed my writing. Then and now, I believed writing was the best way I could communicate as I sometimes get timid when faced with “a couple of people” hence, before now I wrote grudge notes, apology letters, memoirs, songs and all sort of stuff. (Never did write a love letter though *smiles*). Down the years I can say my writing has matured and even though I still am work in progress I can say I’ve written some stuff I’m satisfied with to a certain extent.
My desire to contribute in some way into awakening the lost reading culture particularly drove me into blogging early this year as I felt I could reach a larger audience than what note son Facebook afforded me. I must say to a certain extent it has worked. Creative writing is my utmost love and as such I respect difference in styles by different writers which gives the reading audience a wide variety to choose from. Hardly anyone has an excuse not to read again except of course the disabled in eyesight perhaps.


My desire to rub minds with other talented writers out there, my desire for my work to be read, appreciated, critiqued as well as of course the nudge by a friend to participate drove me to my first experience in SuperBloggers in the “season 2”. Would have loved to have won the competition but of course multi-talented people from all around participated in the competition and I feel highly privileged to have come third in #SuperBloggers 3, it leaves something to be desired whenever you come out tops or thereabout in anything.
I believe SuperBloggers will still be a major competition in coming months, I love the fact that it doesn’t handicap you, allows you to focus on any genre or style of your choice and enables you ultimately to learn more about blogging, bloggers and the blogosphere.
I’d like to say a big thank you to all who supported me, read my post, commented (critiqued or adulated) and shared, your love and hands of fellowship humbled me. Particular praise to Ogunyemi Olaitan Bukola, whose tenure as the crowned king of SuperBloggers was breathtaking and extraordinary. He’s set a mark for excellence that I feel subsequent champions and runners-up will struggle to meet up to, lofty standards indeed. The man’s absolutely creative. By the way, check him out @zebbook on twitter
Expect more from me. I promise to bring two things to the forefront with my writings, the TRUTH and HOPE, afterall, without hope we’re nothing.


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