Let’s Stage An Evolution (Poetry)

Here we are
Dwelling in the fields of anonymity
Living in abject poverty
Toiling in absolute mediocrity
We daily tolerate our leaders’ profanity,
Their evil wits and devilish dexterity
As they satisfy their twisted depravity.
We’re crumbling under intense adversity,
Daily we face an inevitable mortality
One man against another in fierce animosity
Life has no more quality
To extinction we are blown per diem in sheer brutality

Here we are
Caving in under problems immense
Many a man his mood is pense
Analyzing the situation so tense
The clouds of uncertainty over us are dense
We struggle to make just a bantam of sense
Out of absolute nonsense
Yet everyday chaos seems more intense.
Amidst this ambiguity salvation comes from whence?
Or do we simply hide behind a falling fence?

Here we are
Some people in all these things stoical
Some others have become hysterical
A handful result to movements so radical
Their passion feigned, surely only facial
That it soon becomes comical.
I must not forget the few that are quickly judgemental
Casting the blame on things only political
They easily are loud and vocal
When the status quo becomes abysmal

Here we are
The situation now dire
All sectors continue to misfire
Gradually we sink down the mire
These problems will not simply retire
The evil ones surely will never tire
Therefore as a squire
Ready to fight for what for himself he did acquire
Let’s take the battle down to the wire

Arise ye people!
Shed your cloaks of corruption
Refuse to take more than your deserved ration
Incrimination will always breed an inquisition
Ask the crook, it led to his name’s destruction
Disband from amongst yourselves unnecessary friction
Stand tall in apprehension and tension
Sometimes you don’t get a loud ovation
Sometimes it seems there’s no solution
Still respond to the call of your nation
Together let’s stage an evolution.

There are far better things ahead than we leave behind. It may not seem like it now but through our concerted efforts, every man playing his unique role, refusing to back down to oppression and affliction, refusing to give in to the joneses, believing he can beat the crowd, somehow, one day, the tables will turn for the better.

Aboluwarin Oreoluwa
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