“I sold my soul to the devil” ~ Kanye West

Kanye Wests Admits He Sold His Soul To The Devil During Freestyle LIVE In ATL w/ KID Cudi. Kanye West Suprises LA By Coming Out @ Kid Cudi Show. Kanye West Spits New Verse Live! JayL post. ADD, RATE & Subscribe… ~Sarahyah

Kanye West BRAGGED TO FANS that he sold his soul to the devil. Here are the lyrics to Kanye Wests freestyle:

I love the Game So
That I cant take this s*t sometimes
And if they take everything away from me,
It wouldnt f*ckin matter
Artists be too concerned about their well being sometimes.
Artists be too scared to stand up for something.
They scared to lose their f*ckin house,
Or their scared to lose their record deal.

I sold my soul to the devil
I know its a crappy deal
At least it came with a few toys like a happy meal.

Im spaced out yall, I be on that moon talk.
I wonder if God asked Mike how to moonwalk

Talkin about selling your SOUL TO THE DEVIL? That aint even nothing to play with… News for some, confirmation for others…

– sarahyah09
watch the video here:

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