I am not in politics to run for office ~ Nasir El-Rufai

El-Rufai bares his mind

Someone named Nwaokolo Davechux Papigrandi wrote a long comment on my wall. I know such people with no real names and have no faces. They operate out of an office with 30 laptops in Abuja paid a comfortable per-diem to attack anyone on social media who disagrees with the Jonathan administration.

Usually, i simply ignore them. But once in a while, I respond to their lies and fabrications to avoid the Gobbelian lie repeated a million times becoming true. This is one of such responses. TEnjoy.

If you know those with a hand in BH, what are you waiting for? Name them. Or are you among those who think “northern” politicians like me are the ones behind BH?

If you are, simply remember that BH first confronted the FG in 2009 under Yar’Adua. Also ask yourself why BH did not start attacks when another “southerner” called Obasanjo was president.

If persons are arrested in connection with church bombings, killings and wanton destruction, brought to Abuja and they mysteriously disappear, never brought to trial or attempts made to change their identity or the narrative, is it unreasonable to hold GEJ’s government responsible for some or part of BH’s activities?

And you think what you call Northern Leaders will wilfully plan or excuse the deaths of their people and the North’s Economy just to make a point to a leader like GEJ who is so useless even to himself that he needs prayers?

Which corrupt person from the North, South, East or West have I not criticised? Farouk Lawan? Check my wall and timeline and get back to me. Do I praise Namadi Sambo because he is from my state? I am harder on him when he messes up like his boss. What about northern governors that I have consistently blamed largely for the region’s problems? Are you for real?

You think I am doing this because I intend to run for some office in 2015? Then you have not been reading me at all….I am not in politics to run for any office….I just want those that divide our people, breeders of hatred and violence, and looters of our commonwealth out of office.

At the moment, it is GEJ, PDP and their cohorts everywhere that MUST leave office in 2015….not because of their ethnicity or religion, but because tthey have failed to deliver on the basics we expect of any government….security of lives and property, equal opportunity to all, fairness and social justice.

If you have cared to follow me on Twitter or read my Facebook wall directly as you claimed, and NOT what professional bigots and pretenders like Pat Utomi, Reno Omokri, and their tools like Naijapundit and Nairaland falsely attribute to me, you will understand these.

After 2015, if we ever get there, because the way GEJ is driving this nation I am not sure anymore – I hope you will remember to apologize to me when all the competitors for offices are all out, and El-Rufai is somewhere else. If my corpse is found competing, I will apologize to you. Or are you and others like you simply afraid of people like me?

Thanks. Nasir via Facebook

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