The New Nigeria Anthem

The New Nigeria Anthem


Have you heard of the new Nigeria?

A land flowing with milk and honey,

The envy of other lands, from Asia to America,

Where the land is green and sky forever sunny,

The undisputable giant of Africa.


I am a citizen of the new Nigeria,

A land of enduring peace and tranquility,

Where religion or tribe are no criteria,

And brothers live together in love and unity,

As we serve our fatherland in blissful euphoria.


Listen to my tale of the new Nigeria,

And let these words change your perception.

Here justice cannot be bought with Naira,

And neither room for depravity nor corruption,

Honesty and integrity do we adorn in royal regalia.


Come with me to the new Nigeria,

And experience our pleasant hospitality,

As happiness flows from the court of Thalia,

It doesn’t matter to us your nationality,

Come enjoy with us our idyllic arcadia.


Come be a part of the new Nigeria,

Together we shall thrive and make progress,

Visitors are welcome from Europe to Australia,

Tongue or tribe are no barrier to success,

Hardwork and diligence our sole insignia.



Ogunyemi Bukola

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