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#OccupyNYSC : A hungry Kopa is a dangerous Kopa

FG owes corps members allowances

Hunger has inspired me once again to grab my pen, hunger has done it again.
I have used hunger not because I am seriously starving, not for the fact that I have been left at the mercy of no one but to the meagre sum of 19800 messed up nigerian naira given by our ineffective and incompetent leaders voted in by our people. I have also used hunger not because I have been dumped in one of the remotest parts of the country in a town up north with the promise of a stipend of N3000 only fit for a slave by the so called state government. Spearheaded by a so called and self regarded ‘chief servant’.

Again, I have used hunger because I have been dragged outta ma comfort zone where even if I might not get a well paying job, I can always find something doing with my blossoming life in the hustle and bustle of where I have spent and learnt that I have to survive and not in a town where leaders are milking the community dry, trampling on citizens’ rights and the citizens jonzing away not having any clue on how to liberate themselves.

I have been dragged outta ma comfort zone all in the name of obeying the ‘clarion call’ to serve a nation that has refused to respect my dreams and aspirations. I have been dragged to help develop a community that has elected councillors, a local government chairman, house of reps members, senatorial representatives and a chief servant who have a huge share of the ‘national cake’ but prefer to keep it for their greedy pockets!
Again, I have been dragged to spend a whole year out of my lifetime to fulfill the wishes of some few people’s greedy pocket through the motive defeated NYSC programme.

Am I not supposed to be fed, clothed and sheltered during the 3-week camping programme? Was there no allocation for me to be well taken care of?. Rather, I fed myself most times and clothed myself during my camping days. I am forced to accept with lil’ grunts and to wear the hyper inferior NYSC crested vest, khaki and jacket, cap and jungle boot. All other items due me were given but cannot be worn by me ( let it be of note, I am not a spoilt brat).

With all these stated above and more, the FG still finds it hard to pay me my monthly peanuts as at today 12th of May, 2012…my April allowee!! (allowance)

And who is saying I should not use ‘MY’? Why won’t I?, when my own full names and data have been used in their evil ploy to loot the national treasury and milk the nation dry!!! Why won’t I use ‘MY’ when my brothers and sisters are suffering in the creeks of Bayelsa?, Why won’t I use ‘MY’ when my brothers and sisters live in fear of being bombed by terrorists whom in my opinion is their veritable tool to justify the huge security share of their virtual national budget.

I understand perfectly that programmes similar to the NYSC are being done in other countries of the world to develop their youths and societies, an example is South Korea but have we asked ourselves if this is how it is being done? Is the motive laid down still intact?
Finally, hunger has pushed me to curse the day this present administration came into power.

*Give me my allowee, @ least, it is my only right after you have taken 365days of my life your so called ‘clarion call’ abi have I not been dedicated and selfless enough to be a part of this crap.

Lordrooz Bucknor


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