A man who has skeletons in his cupboard, cannot instill national discipline, and by extension, stem the tide of mindless savagery that has come to characterize our geopolitical space. You arrest someone for terrorism, next you know, he has made bail. How can you hold the judiciary to account, when you have benefited from judicial sleaze? They say we have porous borders, yet we have immigration officers idling away at passport offices across the country. What about support from the military? Nay! They prefer to deploy them to oil companies, and they say they are concerned about security. Nigerians are steadily being slaughtered. All they do is move with convoys of police and army, and leave Nigerians to the mercy of the savages. Someone who’s never been known to detest sleaze and indiscipline, cannot inspire confidence. He cannot berth positive change. Simply put, he cannot give what he doesn’t have. Such a one tends to blame “political detractors” and elusive insiders for the deluge of problems he fails to surmount.



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