#FuelSubsidyScam They drain our trillions and expect us to be calm – by @4Qhen

Oh I will get rich, these times will I survive
It’s my less privileged neighbours I’m scared might not thrive
For old wounds are being tilled up, old enemies are revived
A war is brewing, deep within the cabal’s hive
So why remove the subsidy before probing the scam
I get it, we are test subjects, some kinda sacrificial lamb

They drain our trillions and expect us to keep calm?
They murder our futures and ignore our farms
I’m a grown man living with my parents
For I have no income, not one to pay rents
Even the banks are merging, and the staffs shoved outta the vents
Our greatness is dying and our reputation is hell bent
I try not to talk politics, I try not to watch from the sidelines
This situation is killing my dreams, yet I choose to be fine
they killed it all, where are the refineries, dams and mines?
A stitch in time they call it, let’s see it save nine
Let’s see the outcome of the probe, let us see
Let’s see the culprits and the cabal, let us see
Let’s put a face on the cankerworms, let us see
They promised us justice, can they just let us see?
They wanna decide our fates,they want to set us free
We demand an audience, to sieve their shopping spree
They wanna shut us up with some new decree
They wanna hynotise us…please let us be
We have a timid and confused torch bearer
Shoeless and clueless, learned and intimidated leader
With little or no cajones, to stand firm on his descisions
Stand up today,lend a voice and claim your freedom

From tha Rev [www.tharev.wordpress.com ]

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