EVIL ISLAND by @fishergbenga


Mayday! Mayday!  It shouted, screaming out it guts, trembling like ??an eruption scenario,
Swerving for balance despite the looming crash, waiting like ??a disaster about to happen,
All these streaming thoughts at the devil’s frequency is really ??a crazy driving, losing control is welcoming negativity.
This land is ??a fertile soil, and only the issues of life grows here, trespass not ye corrupt seeds,
Only bountiful harvest abounds here.
Don’t pull  me towards your centre you evil gravity,
See no evil, read no evil, it only breeds corruption and births the same.
Anathema to the godly, pessimistic, and cynical, it all comes easy because the way to destruction is broad, harboring it all. But being good takes ??a mammoth effort,rugged and narrow is the way.
We are our thoughts,
Our thought is our limitation and our freedom,
I choose to be free,
I take on my guards onward,
I guard my mind.


‘gbenga Fisher


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