WHY THIS MADNESS MUST STOP #SuperBloggers by @blinkingam

Published:20 Apr, 2012

Why This Madness Must Stop






The girl is 17 years old but looks much younger. Her face has the fine elegance typical of Nigerian natives, but her accent belongs to the streets of Nigerian villages. She is plainly terrified. That much is clear from the way she avoids eye contact.


“Promise you won’t print anything related to me.” She implores. “If people of my community find out, they will say I have betrayed them and I will be executed.”


With great courage, this rural nurtured girl – called “TATA” – is about to describe a barbaric act of cruelty which has been perpetrated against her. Knowing the danger to which she is exposing herself, her anxiety is understandable. It’s known by a variety of names, most common of which are Female Genital Mutilation, Female Circumcision, or simply “cutting” – a word which conveys the raw pain its victims suffer.


It involves cutting and sometimes sewing up some parts of the female genitalia, leaving a small opening for urination and menstruation. It’s carried out on tables or floors, without anaesthetic, using filthy, blunt knives, razor blades or scalpel. Some people argued that the practice is to increase the sexual pleasure of the man, but this is an outdated reason why many women are treated this way. Others claimed it’s to avoid promiscuity and demonstrate virginity.


Tata is so determined that other girls should be spared the misery she has endured since she was cut that, recently, she told her story. She was three years old when her family opted for a greener village. Everything changed for Tata when she was 12 years old. One morning her mother told her, quite casually, that they were to visit a friend. “I thought I was going to visit her friend.” Tata says quietly, avoiding eye contact.


Soon after she arrived at the friend’s house, everything changed. Tata’s mother had secretly joined together with several women to pay for a “cutter” to circumcise their daughters. “They believed it had to be done for us to get husbands.” Tata shrugs. What happened next was like a scene from an action movie. Her mother and other women suddenly grabbed and grappled her to the floor. Then the strange woman came in with her bag of implements. “They held me down, and when she began cutting, I screamed, so my friend’s sister put her hand tightly over my mouth,” she says. I had known her and these other women all my life, but now they were doing this, even my mother” she concluded while shedding tears.
Female Genital Mutilation often results to life threatening complications such as septicaemia, hemorrhage or cyst, but in this case, Tata was fortunate. She quickly recovered and returned to school. However, the legacy of the atrocity inflicted on her when she was 12 years old will always remain. If she is lucky enough to avoid prenatal complications frequently caused by genital mutilation and have children, she will almost certainly have to undergo a caesarean section.


Whatever the argument is, the fact is that genital mutilation is real and its negatives far outweighs its positives. The best way to address this menace is through strict health policy where children will be closely scrutinized during infancy, and any abnormal behavior or prolonged absence from school immediately investigated and if confirmed, parents be handed to the police. In this age of political correctness, no doubt, factions will argue that such intervention activities are discriminatory and breach of human rights. But the idea that things are too private to be acted upon is what is keeping them shrouded in silence. This madness must be expunged.


Abubakar A. Musa
@blinkingam on twitter.

  • k.m. koko

    I think the best tin 2 do is to enlight ppl 2 stop there negaative acts and do the positive 1s.

  • Naseer

    I feel the pain Tata n Co are going through… There is need for awareness. The government and Non-governmental organisation should work together and see to it thiS madness is stopped and ensured that defaulters are brought to book.

  • abula

    Its so unfortunate that at dis age of civilization and medical advancements, such things and a vast majority of oda negative sociocultural practices are rampant in our immidiate society, Let dia b continues campaign and enlightment amongst oda measures which I believe will go a long way to help reduce this preventable menace of our time amongst odas.

  • bello iya

    This is totally insane!!

  • Azeenarh Mohmmed

    I can actually feel the pain just from reading this. That this practice still exists is absurd!
    May Allah help us all, and may the mothers be touched by God and humanity

  • ameena Muhammad

    This is absolutely touching n ridiculous. I wish all women n men alike will read this. Nice piece.

  • Sarah

    Its so amazing to know many societies still practices this act. So obstinate for me. Very touching piece n well narrated. Am touched n feeling the pain for all women. Nice work sir.

  • Ahmed

    Very incisive and precise. Actually the more we try to bring such sociocultural issues to the front burner of national discourse the better for the society.

  • mogauri

    First of all you deserve a thumbs up for such couragious piece. Looking at this sociocultural act,you wonder if we are advancing or moving backward. At this 21st century,people should understand the right of every child,but most importantly,the complications of our actions. Wish those in such act will read thus,learn from it and stop the act. Tnx sir.

  • nafisa

    As a women I feel the pains most women go through cos of such act. Its time the relevant authority do something on it.

  • black

    This is touching n insultive to any civilized society. Surely it must stop before many other women got killed physically or psychologically. God bless you for this info.

  • davo

    O boy see useless practice abeg. Is it necessary? This is bullshit,I mean real shut. Human right groups n civil societies should know much on this plz. Good work bro.

  • bidemi

    What a shambolic n barbaric act is this. This is share wickedness n lack of respect for women. Sexual pleasure my foot. Enough of this bullshit plz. Thanks a lot a.m for the enlightenment. May God bless u.

  • Sam

    Am speechless on this. Never knew it still exist among our enlightened n exposed communities. We need mote of such information plz on issues affecting our lives. Nice article sir.

  • Abdulqadir muhd

    Nice write up. Traditional rulers should work judiously in bringing an end to this madness.

  • abiodun

    Wow….may God forgive those people. How can they do that to her. Poor little girl. Nice work.

  • Temitsyo

    Hmmm.women always at the center of issues. From one form to another. May God save us and our dear young ones.

  • Hafsa

    Wai let me understand something. You mean in diz 21st century diz tin they happen? God..we need special deliverance on this. Why we all the time?

  • Thomas

    I was opportuned to hv witness such act n must admit its so painful n uncalled for. Let’s just hp the ppl in charge will do something. Good stuff bro.

  • Bashar jafaru

    This is real barbaric and nefarious act. I’ve heard about women genital mutilation for a long time but all i beleived was some kind of mythical stories. unfortunately, this rapacious act exist hitherto. I also wore the idea that this must be stopped. government and relevant advocacy group should put more effort to eradicating this socio-cultural menace by any means necessary.

  • zacks

    Over two yrs bk someone told me about this useless stuff,but then didn’t take it too serious. But reading this naration mks my heart bleed and really believed it. I wish it will be kicked against by all cultures. Good story brother.

  • Al amin

    So this kind things still they hsappen for our country.may we see its end soon.

  • M. Lawal

    Some I read that its meant to improve sexual pleasure to the make folks…bt is this true? Hw can it do that. Anyway,its so bad especially seeing its effects on the health of the women.

  • ibrahim kareem

    How unethical these people can be? This is immorality of the highest order n our traditional institutions are doing little or nothing to bring an end to this. Its high time this act must stop or women may be forced to revolt.

  • abubakar amshell

    Through out my life I hv never heard of anything like this not until now. I wish I can see it practically but from the piece I felt the pains women go through coz of the act and pray it will soon be opposed by the leaders. May almighty reward u.

  • Ahmed d don

    This is serious. I thought only men got circumcised? Never got this idea before until now. Hmmmm may God help us n our cultural evils.

  • Hajara

    I was a victim of this evil act but promised never to happen to anyone again in our family after hv grown up.am urging everyone that knows where this act is being done to report them to any civil society group for proper action.

  • boss lady.

    I can’t imagine myself subjected to such. This is share wickedness and lack of human respect. Why on earth people keeping silent on important issues that need urgent attention. This is a gender sensitive issue and should hv been resolved since by the govt. Hope it will soon be countered. Tnx bro.

  • USSY

    This is so ridiculous for me to understand. Circumcision for women? This sound absurd if you ask me. What’s the rationale and human benefit for it scientifically? I guess none….surely this must stop as the tittle captured. Very incisive piece ABUBAKAR.

  • kadi

    Oh my my……what are they cutting and why? Nawa o for this people sef. I thank God for my life on this. Can’t even imagine me being circumcised.

  • Dr Moh

    I think the best to stop this is exactly as outlined by the writer. In addition,we as parents and parents to be should not even of that way as well as discouraging those doing it by enlightening them of its consquences.

  • ifeanyi

    Please people should be remembering that life is too short to wicked other people. This is bad and should stop please.

  • faruk ibrahim

    I feel its a tradition or cultural norm that is very difficult to part with by those so called community leaders that Misled our forefathers and mothers. Thank God the act is getting controlled gradually and we won’t stop until its wheels out of our cultures.

  • chidi

    Left for the communities found to be practicing this stuff should be restructured entirely through orientations and awareness campaigns. Is bad n unhealthy.

  • bitrus

    One thing I have to add here is that the act is even done in an unhealthy manner by non professionals. Why won’t complications sets in? We need to save the future of our dear ones plz. Enough is enough.

  • Josephine Amodu

    My God. In this era? tot we hv pass that level interms of sociocultural practices. Anyway,we will fight it to death. More grease to ur elbow.

  • nana badmos

    We on this part of the world are so predisposed to such issues. Africans hv certain cultural believes that are not healthy and yet refused to be stopped. The earlier we do so the better for us.

  • segun

    The world is fast advancing but we keep sticking to issues that are irrelevant and unhealthy. Only God will save us.

  • Arume

    My heart bleeds,my body itches and my sympathy to women. Let’s keep on enlightening people while also remaining steadfast in prayers.

  • babalakin

    But let’s be liberal on issues like such. Don’t we think there is the root in our ancestry and cultural theology or myth for this practice? Or we think there is nothing good about it? My opinion though.

  • zubema

    This is intriguing if u ask me. But the act is long overdue to be stopped. Let’s join forces and fight it please.

  • kola

    My heart felt sympathy to the women folks. Just got this via a friend n its worth reading to say the least.may the almighty strengthen your efforts.

  • jide

    Eyya poor and innocent lives are lost cos of such acts and government is doing nothing to arrest it. We need to fight it ourselves,may then the government may also join us.

  • faruq

    Am speechless on this. What’s the benefit? Just for cultural sake? Can’t continue this rubbish.

  • murtala

    Fellow Nigerians,let’s all join hands and heads to cut the wing of this menace. If its not you today,tomorrow can be you directly or indirectly. Please and please.

  • Tope

    I’m a women so I know hw painful this can be. Beside,the aftermath effect of it is so worrying that any serious society should address it. Unfortunately our societies are always lopsided when it comes to such issues. My prayer is that the relevant authority should be more proactive and direct in approaching the issue. Nice piece.

  • asaju

    I happened to traveled to other African countries and will sadly tell you that its a general continental problem. Some of those countries do not even care about the repercussions. They feel its a must do thing for every child irrespective of status or class. We global reorientation on this as soon as possible. Welldone.

  • jibrin

    Keeping date with certain issues atimes will only promotes your anger especially in NIGERIA. But that’s not to say one will fold his/her hand and watch others suffer. Something must be done to avert the dangers of this practice by getting rid of it in no distant time. Good work sir.

  • nuhu

    @Babalakin,I don’t think there is anything beneficial from this act. Am a Muslim and my religion discourage it. I also know that Christianity do not support it. What benefit then can one gain from practices that are not supported by religion. We should just call spade a spade. It must be stopped.

  • baba

    There is no better time to fight this than now. The more we are allowing it into our traditional settings,the more its been accommodated in our everyday lives. Let’s act fast.

  • @clarinet1803

    It’s truly a malady that needs be addressed.

  • Ndiyang

    Well am a women,experienced it as a teeneger. But can’t say its bad or good. The reason is this,we all knw that our traditions had taught us significant issues of life. Its known that this practice emanated from our traditions. So it may hv some moral content within it. And even the writter said its said ” to avoid promiscuity and demonstrate virgity”. For me I feel we should not completely condemn it but seek for a better way of doing it. Good write up though.

  • Aliyu Jos

    @babalakin,I totally disagree with you. What is the rational for the act? What are the bases upon its establishment? Who recommended it? What positives have we ever seen of it? These are enough reasons why I think its not a good practice and should be stopped.

  • I. B. Haruna

    Babalakin there are no reason whatsoever to subject you child to such humiliation. That child can die instantly cos of that act. Let’s all join hands and fight it plz. Good piece.

  • isah mansur bello

    Ndiyang,am surprised someone can stil encourage this act,worst of it,someone that suffered same humiliation. Let’s not deceive ourselves plz. Yes,traditions had brought many important issues to our progress as humans. Sociocultural practices hv many negative effects and this is one of such. Its high time we shone away from it n move ahead.

  • Efe

    Ndiyang I doubt if you had experienced this barbaric act. For you as a woman to say it should be modified,haba. Its not good in all ramifications. Plz think again and join hands to fight it away from our society.

  • abdallah adamu

    Babalakin and Ndiyang, though you both hv different ideas on the issue,bt seems to me you all are promoting this practice which is so sad. In this era of global ICT n technological advancement one wonders why literate people will think in the direction of supporting this act. May we need more light to be convinced. But certainly not me coz this is an endemic that most be stopped.

  • Likita

    Why would someone say this is a good stuff or sort? Msy be they haven’t been oriented enough on its effects. Good article bro.

  • Aisha hassan

    People should learn to be ccontent with the blessings of their creator instead of abusing it. There is no need for all this. Give your child a proper n sound moral and you hv avoided promiscuity. We will challenges this act anywhere.

  • femi opoola

    Ndiyang as a woman I never expect you to say such. We all know its not healthy and bad. We must not support will come to hunt us later. Please and please.

  • alasan

    Babalakin we shouldn’t be compromising efforts to clean up the society of bad practices. For Ndiyang,am short of words but plz rethink times over on you stand. Thnx all.

  • Israel Ike

    As far as am concerned this is rubbish n should stop. Period.

  • Barde

    As said in the write up,some ppl will argue on this issue bt never thought of a woman less alone one that suffered the pains of the act.

  • John edachie

    I think our should be our yardstick for judgment here. As responsible adults,there are things you know are not right n can never be. So whoever think its good let him OT her go ahead with it. But prosperity will judge all of us.

  • Yusuf Abbas

    Different follks with different opinions. But fact is fact. This thing is bad and should be addressed. Good piece.

  • kareem solanke

    How shallow some people can think. What’s good in this act that someone is saying it should be encouraged? Remember that God is watching you.

  • kareem solanke

    Ndiyang,I thought d pains u went through won’t even allow to think of anything positive about this practice if really there is any. But now you mean you can subject your children to the same act? Hmmmm. Babalakin,there is nothing good on this act that we should promote. Everything about it is evil.

  • eng. m.s liman

    sometimes the sufferings encountered by individuals mks them become conditioned on certain issues.I think that is what happened with Ndiyang case. If not,there are no justifications whatsoever for anyone to encourage this act. it must be stopped with immediate effect.

  • usman yerima

    I feel lyk sheddding tears after going through this piece. Imagine yourself been subjected same thing. I bet you had better comit suicide right. So plz let’s all say no to this practice and many young women from the pains of the stuff.

  • Timbuwak shamaki

    Should I say desperation of cultural necessity? Are people moving in accordance with advancement at all? This are the underlying questions we need to answer first before even judging ourselves.

  • Dr Ambi

    Life is short to cheat others coz this is cheating. Let’s go back to holy books please and spare innocent children the pains of this malady. For the lady that said she is encouraging this act,am urging her to please reverse her comment for the healthy lives of our young ones. Keep the fire burning.

  • fatima abdul

    As woman that I’m,there is no way this act could be supported by conscience beings. However,most atimes traditions do over power personal wills of the people. Bt generally this whole thing is not sensible and should be discouraged tremendously. God bless the writer and the responders.

  • Zee abdullshi

    How bullish some people can be.must they mutilate us? Is it a religious affair thing? Abeg let’s fight them till its abolished completely.

  • Hamman

    Ignorance they say can make someone do anything. I think that is just the simple explanation to this. Let’s all attack it by creating awareness and sensitization campaigns.

  • musa ibrahim

    Ndiyang,am astonished by your support to the practice. Yes may hv some important cultural practices bt certainly not this. We should just wake up and fixed our societies.

  • auwal borosk

    Mine is just prayers for those still practicing,may God let them understand the implications and Stop. Ameen.

  • architect bala

    So long as we breath,there are some certain cultural things that cannot be stopped instantly but gradually. This is because once we try doing so,our parents and grand grand parents will always argue that’s our they went through and survived. Bt gradually we will get rid of them.

  • uche j.

    I hv seen this act more than ten times,and each time it happens I cannot help bt feel for the girls. Later on I got to know of its implications and today got more on it.I hv took it as challenge upon myself. In anytime I went home must surely enlighten those ppl in the village. May God reward you abundantly.

  • yaks abodin

    My people this thing is not only NIGERIA o. Its a global issue just that its more pronounced in some countries coz of their rich cultural heritage like Nigeria. But I believe soon it will be an extinct practice.

  • micah simeon

    How the world is moving but lots of issues left unattended to. This is one of them. The more we inform others on its consquences,the earlier we can get it quenched within the society.

  • abdallah radical

    Sometimes back while watching a documentary saw hw this thing is done. I was shocked and only for me hear again many of its effects. Hp its stooped sonnest.

  • bisallah tibiyat

    This life is just a shame to some. As a woman supporting genital mutilation? How can you Xplain that to your children? This thing is barbaric and we should stop making it look light.

  • Adam usman

    Ndiyang let me ask you a simple question please. Has the act really stop promiscuity? Does it improve the number of virgins we have. None of the above. In some instances it even only encourages those immoral behaviors. What then are we saying? Plz change your mind and fight the act.

  • barkeji

    One thing that is certain is the fact that our traditional institutions are like the law makers in many of our societies. And we can’t claim to know better than them in everything. The practice may have its negatives,but it also got it positives. May be we need to go deep within our cultural origins to know more. But its good as some of the negatives are said here for one to know and counter them.

  • Sadee baby

    Anyone saying this act is healthy doesn’t understand the health implications. Why on earth will one encourage a taboo. This is a taboo and must be stopped.

  • jide abbas

    All this argument shouldn’t be centered to the practice alone. Many factors like environment,literacy level,religious orientation should all be considered. However,the simple truth is that its not good and the community leaders themselves should be educated and their support seeked.

  • timo jembi

    This argument shouldn’t have spanned this far. The logical thing to do is compare the issue of tribal marks with this. Everyone is now against marks because it leaves physical signs everyone doesn’t want right. This is even more fatal and dangerous. Just think deeply.

  • Pharmacist Dangana

    I learned some people are supporting this deadly and nefarious stuff. Can’t imagine that though. Nice work abubakar.

  • dikko umar

    This act must stop except if its another population control system. Keep the nice work a.m

  • David

    Oh my country and people. Collective effort is the only way to get this mash dusted out of our societies. I believe we can do it. God bless us all.

  • Adeola Monsuru

    A friend said continental wahala but I said global wahala. We need to be exposing such issues that are detrimental to human liberty and freedom. More of this bro.

  • faith D.

    I hv been fortunate to visit many villages in many different regions across the country and will emphatically tell u that this menace is still much ongoing. Sometimes if you even try to let them understand they will tag u a deviant. Strong campaigns must surely be put in place to convince those resistance built people. Thumbs up bro.

  • adewale

    Rationallty of people must change to be able to stand any chance of getting rid of the act. Am out.

  • adewale

    Social effects are some of the world most stigmatization factors. It need to stop before people are start being made to feel compromised as humans especially women.

  • faruk

    Great work bro. More knowledge to figure out many Of such things.

  • victor

    May be it should be done like HIV was done too. Exposing and promoting the dangers it harbors so that people will take it serious and stop.

  • Salis

    The end of this is surely insight. Prayers and informations are the key. On the right track.

  • Salis

    Am so worried about how this whole thing is happening and those at the top are either always busy or not willing to act.

  • B. Aliyu

    Keep on enlightening those at the helm of affairs untill a law is proposed to stop this wickedness.

  • storm bee

    This is more like trying to kill a child. So painful and can be potentially life threatening. Its time to rise and stand against it.

  • Kemi

    I hv always been an antagonist of this practice. Sometimes we do pretend or shy away from the truth when actually we know it. We should all support in enduring its kicked.

  • Patrick S.B

    I wish the government will listen and act. But knowing fully the kind of government we hv,I hv no hope on them until proven wrong. Good bless you.

  • usman senior

    Traditions hv always been a serious threat to the socio wellbeing of the people. Not only this,many cultural practices are against religious believes,hence the need to put a full stop to them including this. Good topic and well narrated.

  • festus

    I thought we no longer hv this within our societies again. This need serious prayers with massive campaigns.

  • idris

    Blessed is he who wrote this piece. We need to be learning from the mistakes of our earlier ancestors.

  • osai

    Well well well. Those saying there are some positives from this act deserve better enlightenment on more severe complications. May be that will give you all some things to think about.

  • blessing momoh

    We are humans with feelings. Why should someone just say this thing should be encouraged? No it must be eradicated among our communities.

  • kabiru alabi

    This is a humiliation rendered to an innocent life. We should be ready to play a greater role as agents of change. Good stuff and Weldon.

  • umar kankia

    I urge all well meaning Nigerians to please be more committed to reforming our cultural values starting with this. I’m a prime supporter of cultural practices that are healthy and obliged,but this one is never part of them and should be truncated as soon as possible.

  • Tammy

    Good way to remind people of their negative past and look for a way to correct it. Nice one.

  • abba

    Wow. This is ridiculous and amazing. Let’s join forces kawai.

  • jams obori

    Imagine some people supporting this useless practice. Hmmm don’t know wat to say any more.

  • bangis

    May God be our savior from such acts and others more dangerous than this.

  • abdullahi musa

    Its just a shame that this act still persist in nigeria. Let’s open our eyes to the realities of the world.

  • Hazo

    Classical article,great topic and very timely. Let’s all reminds others about it and its wicked consquences.

  • wale

    Let us learn to live it some practices untill when we stand fight our rights and liberty.

  • Dele

    Pretty right bro. Absolute classic.

  • promise

    Am really impressed by the level of information disseminated by this medium. Good for the country.

  • emeka

    May God enable us to stand against the act. Ameen.

  • Halliru

    This is a tragedy. It can directly or indirectly affect anyone. Say no to it.

  • Halliru

    Am shocked but not surprised. I know our people can do it or even worst. Good piece.

  • MK Yusuf

    Great piece and not surprised by it. I know our people can even do worst.

  • Ibro

    Clear summation of moral abuse rather than uphelding standard.

  • abba anka

    Why would some people say this shit is tradition? Anyway,may be certain traditions adopted it. Good article.

  • ify

    Good stuff my bro and more power to do many of this.

  • Otodo

    Terrible act,despondent practice and shallow thought. Say no to it.

  • Shuaibu

    How innocent lives are derailed. God will be your power little ones.nice work sir.

  • yakubu

    Plain truth in this piece. It must be stopped.

  • dogara

    Its time to wisen up and act accordingly. Enough of this crap.

  • alhaji musty

    What a sad day for me. Fuel subsidy stuff and now this taboo. Wake up plz Nigerians.

  • Vera

    I hv been waiting for such time to read on this issue. Its quite long that I hv been trying to see someone brought this issue up for deliberation. Someone people are saying it should be encouraged while majority are against it. Well,for me its an issue of justification. If those supporting it feel justified,let them go on. Those that feel it should be abandoned should do their ultimate best to stop it.

  • ayo biodun

    OMG! Am just imagining the pains the little women usually feel when undergoing the act. Chai,no let’s stop this thing plz. Is wickedness.

  • Samson

    I remembered when my sister was subjected to this useless stuff in the village. But thank God with awareness and preaching everything stopped. I wish it stop all over. Good one a.m

  • ishaq blueprint

    Believing not to see any of this act again,only to be proved wrong by this piece. The little girl is nothing but just a victim of traditional miss appropriateness. Soon it will be over I believe.

  • aliyu aminu

    Dramatic incidents do happen atimes but how we respond to them is the key. Let’s use our voices and forces to end this mischievous practice plz.

  • eng tj

    There is an NGO on women rights violation in Abuja and lagos,let’s please get them informed on this one as well as assist them in carrying out the process. Thanks.

  • Abdulqadir muhd

    Amazing, this is barbaric. There should an awareness to them by their traditional rulers.

  • igwe

    My sincere advice to those supporting this act is to plz deceased from such and join in fighting it. Let no one be responsible for promoting what may come back and hunt them. Think plz my friends.

  • grace yakubu

    In every human affair there is positive and negative issues to it. But what matters most is which is the larger. In this case,there are lots lots of complications which can endanger the lives of those subjected to the practice. Hence the nerd to end it without delay.

  • Esther Abraham

    Frankly speaking am short of words. Just hope it will end in no far time to spare many children the pains and other negatives attached. Good one abubakar.

  • ezikiel

    Grest piece Oga a.m,nice info and good message across. Keep it up.

  • Jane

    Eyyah my sister,God is with you and your likes. The practice will soon end.

  • Ahmed

    Tradition or not tradition this whole thing must stop. There is no bases for argument here.

  • shedrack

    Sometimes its good to be resolute as a person inorder to stand against certain cultural ideologies. Be it that way,we also need to fight our urge for wicked act.

  • icecube

    To day the least,this should hv no room whatsoever within our societal component. How it was adopted from the onset is still a misery for me to comprehend.

  • brain

    Nice work. I gbadu your style my man.

  • Kate

    May God continue to shower you with lots of knowledge and strength to do more of this.

  • major

    Plain truth is that we must fight this act not only with our mouth,but desired will n actions.

  • sodangi

    Great piece my brother. Keep on the work.

  • sodangi

    Am in support of scrapping this act through whichever means possible. I hail you sir for the art.

  • fatee

    Women always at the center of issues. We don’t need to be circumcised for whatsoever reason. Our nature as women is enough for anything.

  • Moses

    Great article my Oga. Weldone and more of it.

  • musty

    Comprehensive details sir. Documentary ought to be done to enlightened people more on this thing.

  • shade blitz

    Critical as it may sound,some people still don’t care while others still believe its worth doing. We need rebirth in this country from all angles.

  • kabir maude

    Weldone sir. Well said and kudos.

  • ismail

    How I wish it never even existed not only for women but men as well.

  • hashim

    Great piece. Like the narration.

  • murri h

    I really love the piece. Very informative,national issue that need redress with some urgency. God bless.

  • musteeee

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  • Abdullah Majidadin Galadiman zz

    This is an barbaric and animalistic behaviour that only happens in Africa and most be stoped by all means .

  • Abdullah Majidadin Galadiman zz

    This is a barbaric and animalistic behaviour that only happens in Africa and most be stoped by all means .

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  • maijiddah

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  • nazafatu

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  • m.n.a

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    As a lady,I feel it should be a law that any person caught should be prosecuted. Simple.

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  • Trevor

    Hmmmm…..so touching my dear. God will tk care of the girl n other of her types.

  • salma

    Plz we need to be respected more as women. This is lack of respect for our dignity n natural creation. It ought to be stooped immediately. Govt must act now.

  • zubaida

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    Down n dusted. A.m hv said it all bt we need support n actions. Nyc on bro.

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  • Isah John

    The trend has continued to change. At least in my region (Midwestern Nigeria) the campaign against female genital mutilation has really helped the women folks. My sisters were circumcised at tender ages (few months) however I am not aware of any of my sibblings that have subjected his/her daughter to this same cruelty. I think the campaign has been successful. However it needs to be refueled and given wider coverage!

  • fuad

    I think I agree with John isa,the campaign has recorded massive success. However,a lot need to be done to make it an extinction practice.

  • Samson

    Nyc one bro. More effort please on such issues.

  • umar sani

    I have been hearing on this issue for a very long time. And I believe its drastically reducing to a larger extent even though more ought to be done. Keep it up.

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    Hmmmm. Am shocked by this narration.

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    Great piece from my honorable. I remain loyal sir.

  • tobias

    Baba abu and mama abu….hahahaha. De don try ur ppl ne? Good one thou.

  • adesikun

    Am in this. Surely we need to end this barbaric act by rising to the ocassion now. Good effort.

  • faroooq

    Omo on point. Wish you all the very best.

  • garba

    We need an advocacy and human right groups to create awareness among people. Goodluck.

  • yunusa

    I love the concept of this write up and information it entails. Grt wrk there bro.

  • blessing u.

    how on earth can someone do such mischevious act to fellow human being? I think modernization has surpassed such era of dark age. Wake up call to us all. Nice one.

  • lawal umar

    Nice one. All the best.

  • urom

    May God bless ur effort and crown u with success.

  • ameriko v.

    well,though i neva experience such act,bt i was fully aware of it existence among our rural villages. i pray it shuld be brought to an end soon.

  • tori

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PMB Seeks Senate’s Confirmation Of Newly Appointed Service Chiefs

The Senate on Tuesday announced the receipt of a letter from President Muhammadu Buhari, requesting the confirmation of Service Chiefs, recently appointed by him. President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, read the letter at plenary as the Red Chamber resumed after five weeds recess. Saraki said that the letter for confirmation of the appointments was in accordance with the provisions of Section18 (1) of the Armed Forces Act, 2004. Read More: vanguardngr

House Crisis: Reps Adopt APC’s Zoning Formular

A make or mar meeting between opposing factions of All Progressives Congress members in the House of Representatives, ended early Tuesday with the two sides adopting an earlier directive from the APC leadership on the zoning of key leadership positions. The party had zoned the positions in a letter to the speaker, Yakubu Dogara, on June 23. In the letter, the party presented Femi Gbajabiamila (South-West) as the house leader; Ado Doguwa (North-West) as deputy...

Late Bobbi Kristina Had History of Falling Asleep Wasted in Bathtubs

Bobbi Kristina got extremely drunk the night before her mom died, fell asleep in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and flooded the room ... and it could be critical evidence in the homicide investigation. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Bobbi was partying with Whitney Houston at the Beverly Hilton bar and got drunk and unruly. Bobbi Kristina went up to her room, drew a bath and fell asleep in the tub ... intoxicated. By the time she...

Over 250,000 Barrels Of Oil Siphoned Daily, PMB Raises Alarm

President Muhammadu Buhari has raised the alarm that oil theft continues at the moment with an average of more than 250,000 barrels being siphoned daily. Speaking yesterday on the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) programme tagged “Good Morning Nigeria”, Buhari promised  that he would soon ensure that those committing that crime against Nigeria are faced with facts and prosecuted. He said crude was  being illegally loaded from the country’s terminals by unpatriotic Nigerians that only...

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White radio will ONLY play R&B/Soul if it's performed by white guys ... so claims the black guy who has the #1 R&B/Soul album ... Tyrese. Tyrese does not mince words ... he says he can't get white radio DJ's to play his single "Shame" to save his life ... it's only played on black stations. He then ups the ante, claiming white radio would love "Shame" if it was performed by Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith or Robin Thicke.

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Nick Gordon Learnt About Bobbi Kristina’s Death Over The Internet… Releases Press Statement

Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend Nick Gordon learned of the 22-year-old's death over the internet, according to reports. An insider told Us Weekly that Nick learned of Bobbi's death "just like everyone else did, from the internet" as he was in Florida with his mother at the time the news broke. Nick had been banned from seeing Bobbi Kristina and earlier this month he was served with $10 million lawsuit, accusing him of being violent towards her...

Army To Establish Motorcycle Battalion To Combat Terrorism

The Nigerian Army is considering setting up of a special force that will use motorcycles to check the activities of terrorists. The new battalion, when established will complement efforts of the ground troops. It has been learnt that the Motorcycle Battalion will be a special unit out of the initiative of the army chief, Major General Tukur Buratai, in his efforts to wipe out Boko Haram within the shortest possible time. Reports say that the new...

Earthquake Hits Indonesia

The U.S. Geological Survey said a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Indonesia’s Papua region on Tuesday. It said the quake struck inland, some 244 kilometres west of the provincial capital of Jayapura. No tsunami warning was issued and there were no immediate reports of deaths or damage. Credit: NAN

More On Obama’s Speech During AU Visit

Closing a historic visit to Africa, President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged the continent's leaders to prioritize creating jobs and opportunity for the next generation of young people or risk sacrificing future economic potential to further instability and disorder. He said the "urgent task" of generating jobs for a population that is expected to double to...

Obama Addresses AU, Emphasizes On Human Rights

Barack Obama arrived at African Union headquarters Tuesday, where he will become the first US president to address the 54-member continental bloc, at the end of a tour focused on corruption, rights and security. In his speech, President Obama addresses climate change, security, food security, human rights and democracy. Details on his speech will be brought soon...

Rihanna And Lewis Hamilton Dating?

Lewis, 30, has cooled things off with model Kendall Jenner so he can give the singing star his full attention. Last Saturday he and Rihanna, 27, dined at New York restaurant Da Silvano before moving on to 1 OAK nightclub. They then went to her penthouse in the city to carry on partying into the early hours. Read More: 

News Alert!! Godswill Akpabio Emerges Senate Minority Leader

Former Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Godswill Akpabio has been named the minority? leader of the senate. THE CABLE reports that Akpabio was nominated by the south-south caucus of the PDP in the senate. His nomination, however, is against the standing rules of the senate, which exempts first-term senators from holding principal positions. More details later.

This Man Is CONVINCED He is Jesus Christ, Already Gaining Followers

An Australian man believes the Shroud of Turin proves he is the second coming of Jesus Christ - and he says the Vatican is convinced, too. Before we go any further, we have to explain what the shroud of Turin is. The Shroud of Turin is  a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man who appears to have suffered physical trauma in a manner consistent with crucifixion. Many believe that the image on...

Jihadi John Flees ISIS?

British terrorist “Jihadi John” has reportedly left  ISIS, fearing for his life after being identified six months earlier as a Kuwaiti-born Londoner from a well-to-do family. Jihadi John left because the terrorist organization might drop him "like a stone or worse if they feel he is no longer of any use to them," according to a source for the British news outlet, the Daily Express. The Daily Express report has not been confirmed by government...

Committee Threatens Sanctions Against Violent House Of Reps Members

As members of the House of Representatives resume plenary on Tuesday, the Adhoc Committee on Code of Conduct has warned returning members to behave orderly. Plenary was cut short the last time the House sat on June 25 when some members attempted to seize the mace leading to a free-for-all fight between members loyal to Speaker Yakubu Dogara and Femi Gbajabiamila. After the fracas, Mr. Dogara postponed plenary to July 28. The ad hoc...

NASS Crisis: I’ll Crush All Opposition, Mostly APC Members – Speaker Dogara Warns

Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, on Monday, July 27, 2015, warned all members of the parliament, mostly, members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), who are against his leadership, to conduct themselves orderly as the parliament resumes, otherwise, they would be severely dealt with. According to Daily Independent, Members of the APC Loyalist Group had been at dagger drawn with the speaker over the allocation of the Principal Officers seats meant for the...

Flood Wreaks Havoc In Anambra

Awka and Onitsha, the capital and commercial nerve centre of Anambra state, were yesterday heavily impacted by flood following torrential rains that lasted from the early hours of Sunday to yesterday. By yesterday afternoon, the flood had pulled down a residential building at Udoka Estate and submerged another at Ngozika Estate in Awka. The flood also made Awka Ring Road leading to Nibo impassable. The flood, which made the Obibia River to overflow across the road,...

A Minister In GEJ’s Govt Stole $6Billion – Gov. Oshiomole Alleges

Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole has alleged that a minister that served in former president Jonathan's administration stole a whooping $6billion. Governor Oshiomole made the allegation while speaking to state house correspondents after a meeting with President Buhari today. He said American officials made the alleged fraud known to the Buhari led delegation during the state visit to the US last week. "PDP destroyed the country. I mean from the lips of American officials; senior officials of the...

Tribunal Dimisses Wike’s Bid To Relocate Election Tribunal To Rivers

The Rivers State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja, has dismissed an application by Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike, seeking an order relocating its venue to Rivers. In a ruling, the three-man panel led by Justice Muazu Pindiga, dismissed the application on the ground that the tribunal had power to sit in Abuja, following security challenges in the state. The tribunal also held that the composition of the tribunal was not in any way defective...

Boko Haram: President Buhari To Visit Cameroon

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari will travel to neighbouring Cameroon on Wednesday for talks with that country's President Paul Biya on combatting the regional threat from Boko Haram, Nigerian officials said. "President Buhari is going to Cameroon on Wednesday. He will hold talks with President Biya on arrival on Wednesday and the issue of Boko Haram will be central in their discussion," presidential spokesman Femi Adesina said. Since his inauguration on May 29, Buhari has...

A Lot Of Knowledgeable Nigerians Have Been Compromised, Buhari Explains Why It Is Taking Time To Appoint Ministers

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Buhari has once again explained why it is taking him time to appoint ministers, saying that a lot of knowledgeable Nigerians fit for the position have been compromised and it is very risky to appoint such people into office. He explained that appointing ministers who will be taking instructions from ‘powerful people’ outside the cabinet will take Nigeria back to square one and that is part of what...

Eve & Billionaire Husband Maximillion Cooper Enjoy a Family Vacation in Barbados

Grammy award winner Eve and billionaire husband Maximillion Cooper got engaged on Christmas Day in 2013 and wedded in June 2014 in Ibiza, Spain. They were on Sunday papped enjoying a family vacation in Barbados. The 36-year-old rapper wore a white two-piece with a scalloped top while on holiday with Gumball 3000 co-founder Maximillion and his four children from a previous marriage. Eve was in the driver's seat of a Yamaha jet ski with Maximillion, 43, right behind...

Bobbi Kristina’s Autopsy Shows No Evidence Of Foul Play

There are no obvious signs someone tried to kill Bobbi Kristina ... this according to the preliminary autopsy results. According to the Fulton County Medical Examiner, the autopsy shows "no obvious underlying cause of death."  The Medical Examiner goes on to say, "no significant injuries were noted." Short story ... this could help Nick Gordon, who has been under the police microscope from the get-go. The report says there were no previously unknown medical conditions that could...

States To Repay Bailout Loans From Allocations

It has been revealed that the bailout package being prepared by the Central Bank of Nigeria for the 36 states of the federation is to be deducted from their statutory allocations. On Monday revealed that some state governors had started visiting the central bank to discuss modalities on how and when the funds would be released. It was gathered that the CBN would release the package to the states as concessionary loans to be repaid over a longer period...

Crude oil falls below $54, threatens Nigeria’s savings

The global benchmark crude oil hit $53.33 per barrel on Monday, threatening the expected accretion to Nigeria’s Excess Crude Account this year. The steep decline in oil prices had forced the National Assembly to settle for $53 per barrel as the oil benchmark price for this year’s budget, down from $65 proposed by the...

Forgery Scandal: Lawan group heads for court again

Senators opposed to the leadership of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, operating on the platform of a group called Senate Unity Forum, on Monday filed a fresh suit at Federal High Court in Abuja, seeking the nullification of the inauguration of the 8th Senate carried out by the management of the National Assembly, on June 9.

Buhari: I won’t make persons who lack integrity ministers

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday said he would not make compromised citizens and ‘hostages’ ministers. “We will try as much as possible to avoid appointing hostages; by this, I mean people who have been in the system but compromised their personal and professional integrity, Buhari said on Monday in a live programme, Good Morning Nigeria, on...

US officials told us Jonathan’s minister stole $6bn —Oshiomhole

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, on Monday, said the Peoples Democratic Party government of former President Goodluck Jonathan had destroyed the country. Oshiomhole, who was on the entourage of President Muhammadu Buhari to the United States, said Nigeria had in Buhari a President who talked with confidence unlike “a President that is blabbing and...

Buhari In Closed Door Meeting Over NASS Crisis

President Muhammadu Buhari is currently in a closed door meeting with members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the House of Representatives. Present at the meeting is the Speaker of the House of Representative, Hon. Yakubu Dogara and the former party minority leader, Femi Gbajabiamila. The meeting is to afford the President an opportunity to wade in to the crisis that is rocking the house of representatives. This meeting marks the first time that the president would...

Chadian Army Smokes Out Boko Haram Militants Hiding On Lake Chad Islands

Heavy fighting broke out Monday between the Chadian army and Nigeria's Boko Haram jihadists, security and local sources said. "Violent clashes" are under way near Baga Sola, one of the main Chadian towns in the lake that straddles Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger, a Chadian security source said, adding that Chadian forces had earlier "intercepted fleeing Boko Haram elements" around 20 kilometres (12 miles) to the southeast. A source close to the...

Diezani Alison-Madueke Critically Ill In A London Hospital

Some family members of the immediate past minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Allison-Madueke have appealed to Nigerians, especially her critics to let her be. Mrs Allison-Madueke is said to be in a critical condition from an undisclosed ailment in a London hospital. “Our daughter has been in hospital where is receiving treatment for some weeks now. She is currently under close medical observation. We learnt that the observation means that she has been unable to see anyone outside...

Shocking !!! Baby Disappears During Naming Ceremony In Ogun State

An eight month old baby identified as Hezekiah Opeyemi Ogundele mysteriously disappeared during a naming ceremony held at Inuosegba community in Abeokuta Ogun state yesterday July 26th. According to The Nation, Hezekiah's brother had taken the baby to the naming ceremony and within minutes, the toddler disappeared. A search party was immediately formed but they were unable to find the baby. What they found instead was a building close to the venue of the ceremony where...

EFCC Arraigns Six Persons For N31m Fraud

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Friday, July 24, 2015, arraigned six persons before Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye of the Lagos High Court, Ikeja on a 17 count charge bordering on conspiracy, stealing and forgery. The six accused persons – Festus Onile, Olawale Garuba, Abiodun Afainiya, Jayeola Afolabi David, Yewande Adeyemi and Adetoun Kammal, were arrested by the Commission sequel to a petition from a new generation bank which alleged fraudulent transfers and withdrawals of...

Hacker Shuts Down ‘New York Magazine’ Over Alleged Bill Cosby Cover Story

Shortly after New York Magazine unveiled its attention-grabbing Bill Cosby cover story entitled “Cosby: The Women,” from a painstaking result of six months of interviews and careful planning, their entire site was abruptly taken offline by an anonymous hacker. Soon afterwards, critics began pointing some accusing comments on Cosby, alleging his conivance with the hacker who took down the site. However, The hacker, known only as ThreatKing, said he did not care about Bill Cosby but hates the...

Admission Cut Off Marks: SERAP Sues JAMB, UNILAG

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project(SERAP) has dragged the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board and the University of Lagos to court over “outrageous cut-off marks decisions”. The organization is seeking an order stopping JAMB, UNILAG and others from implementing the decision. The suit number FHC/L/CS/1139/2015 filed today at the Federal High Court By Adetokunbo Mumuni on behalf of SERAP and three applicants affected by the cut-off marks decision, the Applicants contend that “the provisions of Section 5(1)(c)(iii) of the...

Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Buried Next To Her Late Mom Whitney Houston This Week

Bobbi Kristina Brown lost her six month battle to live last night after she was found unresponsive in her bath tub at home. Family sources now say that the 22-year-old will be laid to rest in New Jersey, next to her beloved mother Whitney Houston. Her body will be flown to New Jersey following a funeral service in Atlanta so she can be laid to rest alongside the singer. Whitney Houston died in February 2012 and was buried...

Femi Adeshina : Now That The Phones Are Ringing……. By Sunday Osanyintuyi

As a trained journalist, I don't take lightly issues around my first constituency, media. I handle media issues and industry related matters with great passion. It is so because our positions and thoughts have immense impacts on nation building. Among the first news items and opinions read yesterday was an article by a senior colleague, Dr Reuben Abati, (Media & Publicity) assistant to the immediate past president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, PhD. Hear oga Reuben “As...

#AkwaIbom Election Tribunal: The 12 Weeks Show of Shame and Absurdity for The Forensics Exercise

It’s been court order after court order from Uyo to Abuja as the INEC Uyo team makes a mockery of the institution that the survival of our democracy is hinged upon. The Petitioner whose constitutional right it is to conduct a forensic examination on the election materials has spent 12 weeks on trying to conduct a simple exercise that should take 2 weeks maximum. It has been a cat and mouse game since May 15th 2015...

Plateau State Gov. Lalong Clears Salaries, Pension Arrears

The director general, Research, Strategic Planing and Documentation, to Plateau State government, Prof. John Wade has disclosed that in less that 60 days in office the administration of Mr. Simon Lalong, has hit the ground running by paying arrears of civil servants salaries and pension left by the immediate past administration of Jonah Jang . Prof. Wade who disclosed this in Jos yesterday said the state government has also held a stakeholder’s meeting between the Fulani...

Over 3000 People Paid N200k Each To Watch A Kim Kardashian Makeup Session

Over 3000 fans trooped out to witness a Kim kardashian makeup session and as you can guess, It is neither free nor cheap. They were all trying to look like her, with their fake tans, fake eyelashes, fake hair. This was their chance -- the hundreds of young women who had traveled from Ecuador, Sweden, Abu Dhabi -- to see Kim Kardashian, take a selfie with her, impress her: Kim Kardashian. Some of her...

Dear Obama, Gay Right Is Not an African Priority, By Dinah Adams

To the President of the United States of America, while you tour through our shores burdened with global issues of security/ terrorism, economy, health care and national ties; kindly note that gay right is the least of our problems. The Kenya you visited has been stricken by Al-Shabaab and is frankly strategising ways to eradicate the incursion these external insurgents. It is quite too serious an issue for the issue of accepting various sexual oriented clans...

Traditional Ruler Arrested Over The Murder of Alhaji Gay

The last has not been heard about the murder of Alhaji Olatunji Rasaq, alias Alaso (aka Alhaji Gay), who was killed few weeks back in Alagbado area of Lagos state. The arrested suspects includes the Baale of Temidire Alagbado, Chief Nojeem Abioye, his son, and nine others. They were arrested and detained over the weekend, and are still being interrogated at the State Department of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence, SDCII, Yaba. Alhaji Gay was murdered during a...

35 Of Bill Cosby’s Alleged Rape Victims Line Up For The First Time #Photo

  If Bill Cosby really raped all of these women and more, then something must have been wrong in that man's mind. Thirty-five of Bill Cosby's alleged sexual molestation victims have posed for a photograph on the front of the July 27 edition of New York magazine, giving their accounts of what happened to them at the hands of the now controversial "Cosby Show" star.

News Alert! WAEC To Withhold Students’ Results In 19 States Over N4b Debt

The West Africa Examinations Council, WAEC has threatened to withhold the results of students in 19 states that sat for the May/June 2015 WASSCE over nonpayment of candidates’ registration fees by their state governments. Speaking at its national office Yaba, some hours ago, the Head of National Office, HNO, Mr Charles Eguridu said: “The affected states should off-set the registration fees of their candidates as soon as possible, as we cannot guarantee that the...

2 Teenagers Stab Their Parents And 3 Siblings To Death

2 Oklahoma teenagers, 18 year old Robert Bever and his 16-year-old brother, Michael Bever, have been accused of stabbing and killing 5 family members. They were arrested after their 13-year-old sister who survived the attack identified them as the attackers in the Wednesday night massacre in Broken Arrow, OK. The news comes as it was revealed the one of the victims, 12-year-old Daniel, had...

“Why Islamic Scholars Are Silent On Boko Haram” – By Governor Shettima

The fight against Boko Haram cannot succeed unless leading Islamic scholars with mass followers come out of their silence to preach against the ideology from an intellectual perspective so as to change the narrative to discourage young men from being recruited by the sect. Governor Kashim Shettima whose state, Borno, has been at the centre of attacks by the Boko Haram insurgents has said. The governor said that notable Islamic scholars with the capacity to fight the ideology through...

We Maintain Our Stand On Homosexuality, It Is Wrong – Catholic Archbishop

The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Cardinal John Onaiyekan today said the position of the Catholic Church in Nigeria against homosexuality remains the same.  Onaiyekan made this statement to journalists in Makurdi during his official visit to the Diocese of Makurdi today. “Unfortunately, we are living in a world where these things have now become quite acceptable but for the fact that they are acceptable doesn’t mean that they are right. The Catholic Church considers itself...

Nigerian Troops Gun Down Many Terrorists Along Maiduguri Road (VIEWER DISCRETION)

Nigerian troops have killed many terrorists during a recent combat operation along Dikwa-Maiduguri Road in Borno State. General Buratai while renaming the counter-insurgency operation to “Operaton Zaman Lafiya Dole,” had urged the troops not to wait for Boko Haram to attack but to take the battle to the insurgents’ hideout.   This development according to the...

President Buhari’s Trip To The US Was Fruitless – Olisa Metuh

PDP is still very much at it with APC and shamefully we must say we love the ‘fight’. Lol. Please read what the party has to say about the president’s visit to the US. Culled from Punch; Precisely 59 days after President Muhammadu Buhari assumed power, the opposition Peoples Democratic Party on Sunday listed many ‘sins’ the Federal Government under the President had committed and said Buhari’s government lacked direction. Among the sins of...

Reality Star Coco Austin Is Expecting Her First Child With Ice T

Glamour model Coco Austin is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband of 15 years, Ice-T. Ice-T already has 2 kids from a previous relationship and a 20-year-old grandson, but Coco always wanted a kid and her prayers have been answered after 12 years of marriage. No word yet on how far along she is or the gender of the baby. Congrats to the couple.

President Buhari To Split NNPC Into Two Entities

President Muhammadu Buhari plans to split Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) into two entities, his spokesman said. He has said his government will trace and recover what he called "mind-boggling" sums of money stolen from the oil sector. "Mr President will soon split the NNPC into two entities. One will be an independent regulator and the other one an investor vehicle," said spokesman Femi Adesina, who did not a provide a timeframe for...

NUC: Online Degrees Accreditation By Sadiq Abubakar Gulma

The National Universities Commission (NUC) recently announced Nigeria will not be accepting online degrees, “yet”. Unfortunately there wasn't much reason given as to why they took the stance and nothing was mentioned of what they are doing to start ensuring Nigeria accepts it. Highly reputable schools around the world like University of Manchester, University of Florida, University of Liverpool, University of Birmingham and many others are offering quality online education that leads to students obtaining bachelor’s and...

Gigantic Statue Of Satan Erected Amid Protests (PHOTOS)

Hundreds of people attended Mass at a Detroit Catholic Church in protest of an 8.5-foot bronze statue of goat-headed Satan that hundreds came to see.  A group called the Satanic Temple unveiled the Baphomet statue during a private event on in a Detroit industrial building on Saturday, which people could attend starting at $25 dollars a ticket. https://twitter.com/_Beard_Life/status/625165391690661888/photo/1 Its location was kept secret by the group until the last minute to avoid public demonstrations planned for its unveiling....

Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend Nick Gordon ‘On Suicide Watch

Bobbi Kristina's longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon has been placed on 'suicide watch' by close family and friends who fear he'll take his own life now she's passed away. HollywoodLife.com exclusively reported Sunday night that Gordon, 25, is inconsolable over the death of the 22-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. 'He is out of control with regret and sadness. He keeps saying that if only had heard his voice, things would have been different....

‘He Knows She’s With Her Mother’- Say’s Bobby Brown

It was a painfully sad Sunday for Bobby Brown. The singer spent the morning sharing the news of his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown's death, age 22, with relatives and friends before the family released the news to the world. 'He is holding it together more than you'd expect,' a source told People of the grieving 46-year-old. 'He knew it was coming. Of course he's very emotional, but at the same time, he knows that Krissy is...

Kanye West Meets Caitlyn Jenner For The First Time

Kim Kardashian told Caitlyn Jenner she looked like 'Kendall's mom' the first time she met her following gender transition. The 34-year-old reality star was shocked by how thin her 65-year-old former stepfather looked on the debut episode of I Am Cait. Kim made the comment when she and her rapper husband Kanye West called in on the transgender celebrity at her Calabasas home. The...

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Legs In A Shorts Suit And Killer Heels

She did not exactly look the part of the average grease monkey, but Kylie Jenner still managed to fill up her car's gas tank on Sunday. The 17-year-old reality star seemed to be travelling on her own when she needed to make a pit stop for fuel in the Studio City neighbourhood of Los Angeles. Wearing clothes appropriate to meet her family for a play later, Kylie was clearly overdressed for a gas station. Kylie had her credit card in hand as...

What Obama Is Selling In Ethiopia

Barack Obama on Monday officially begins a two-day visit to Ethiopia, the first-ever trip by a US president to Africa's second-most populous nation and the seat of the African Union. Obama, who flew into a rainy Addis Ababa late on Sunday after a landmark trip to Kenya, his father's birthplace, is to hold talks with the Ethiopian government, a key strategic ally but much criticised for its record on democracy and human rights.

No Governor Got Bailout For Workers’ Salaries – Oshiomhole

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has said that none of the 36 state governors had received his state’s share of the N713.7bn bailout fund from the Federal Government. The fund is a relief to cash-strapped states, many of which owe workers salaries. Oshiomhole, who disclosed this to journalists shortly after a reception in honour of the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, at Sabongida Ora, in Owan West Local Government Area of the state on...

Why I Am Keeping Quiet — Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has opted to remain silent despite the barrage of questions requiring answers from him by not just newsmen, but Nigerians in general on his handling of the nation’s affairs. Jonathan said he will, for now, rather remain silent. According to his spokesperson while in office, Dr Reuben Abati, the former president has asked him to tell those seeking to speak with him, especially newsmen that he is resting. In an...

No Peace Yet Until Dogara Cuts PDP Ties — APC Group

Some members of the All Progressives Congress’ faction in the House of Representatives known as the Loyalists Group on Sunday denied that the leadership tussle in the legislature was over, contrary to Saturday’s public announcement by key figures of the group. Rather, the lawmakers said there could only be “genuine agreement” on how to achieve peace in the House if the Speaker, Mr. Yakubu Dogara, would sever his “unholy ties” with the Peoples Democratic Party members...

PDP Statements Sounds Like A Compendium Of Beer Parlor Gossips And Side Talks – APC

In response to the press release of the PDP on Sunday, APC has hit back at the opposition. The All Progressives Congress (APC) has said the PDP as a party cannot provide any worthwhile opposition to the APC-led Federal Government if its spokesman continues to issue convoluted and fustian statements just so that he can be in the news. Today’s statement is the most tortuous yet by the PDP and, honestly, sounds more like a...

Snoop Dogg Arrested In Sweden!

Snoop was arrested in Sweden and he thinks his offense was DWB .. Driving While Black. Snoop says he was snatched out of his car Saturday and it was a clear case of racial profiling. Cops say they arrested Snoop because they thought he was driving under the influence of narcotics, but Snoop says he was taken to the station, forced to pee in a cup and police determined he was clean. The incident occurred...

Soyinka Is More Of A Successful Hunter Than A Political Critic- Obasanjo Re Echoes Opinion

Former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has repeated once again that Professor Wole Soyinka is more of a successful aparo (guinea fowl) hunter than a political critic. He repeated it on a programme tagged ‘Book Club’ on Channels. It will be recalled that in his book, My Watch, the former president had said; “For Wole, no one can be good, nor can anything be spot-on politically except that which emanates from him or is ordained...

Senate rule forgery: Buhari won’t stop trial of suspects – Presidency

The Presidency on Sunday said President Muhammadu Buhari would not stop the prosecution of anybody indicted in the report of the Nigeria Police on the forgery of the Senate Standing Order. The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said this on Sunday in an exclusive interview with one...

Bobbi Kristina Is Dead!

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter Bobbi Kristina has died at the age of 22. She passed away outside Atlanta in the hospice care facility where she's been since June 24 ... when her family decided to take her off all meds. As we first reported, a specialist had told them there was no chance of recovery. The family says Bobbi Kristina was surrounded by family and, "She is finally at peace in the arms of God." Bobbi Kristina...

Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina dies at 22

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of late superstar Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown, died Sunday at the age of 22. According to a statement released by a representative of the Houston family, “Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away Sunday, July, 26 2015, surrounded...

Ebola: University Of Ilorin To Develop Ebola Vaccine

Vice-Chancellor, University of Ilorin, Prof. Abdulganiyu Ambali says the school’s Ebola Research Committee is working assiduously to develop a vaccine for the Ebola virus. “What is happening is that the committee is just monitoring events; in terms of the vaccine, it will take a while because there are processes that you have to follow before you develop a vaccine,” Ambali disclosed in an interview on Sunday in Abuja. “For example, you have to isolate the virus;...

DSS Probe Of Rivers REC In Order – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State has thrown its weight behind the current probe of the State Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Mrs. Gesila Khan, by the Department of State Security (DSS). The party in a statement by the State Chairman, Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, berated the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for seeking to stop the DSS from carrying out its constitutional duties because of its well-known dalliance with Mrs. Khan. “By petitioning...

Register For Media Training Sessions At #Springboard2015 Lagos Edition

Courses include: Photography (Kelechi Amadi Obi), Videography & Lighting (Kemi Adetiba), Digital Media (Marcus Singleton), Social Media (Olaolu Ogundeji), Media Enterprise (Olajide Adediran) and Media Law (Genevieve Ike). Date: Monday 27th – Friday 31st July 2015. Venue: LCCI Conference Centre, 10, Nurudeen Olowopo Drive, Beside MKO Abiola Gardens,...

Official: Manchester United Make 5th Signing Of The Transfer Window

Manchester United have completed the signing of Argentine goalkeeper Sergio Romero. The Argentina international goalkeeper has signed a three-year contract, with the option of a fourth season, after leaving Sampdoria earlier this summer The 28-year-old joins United on a free transfer after leaving Sampdoria earlier this summer and has signed a three-year contract with the option of a fourth season. “I am absolutely delighted to...

‘Man Utd Need A Superstar… But It Won’t Be Ronaldo’ – Van Gaal

The Real Madrid superstar has been heavily linked with a return to Old Trafford in recent weeks but the Dutchman says such a swoop is unlikely, while seeking a 'creative' player   Louis van Gaal says Manchester United need to sign a world-class "creative" player, but insists that Cristiano Ronaldo will not join...

King Sunny Ade Set To Launch Radio Station

King Sunny Ade, popularly known as KSA is set to float a radio station. The radio station which has been under works for years now will start transmission before the end of the year. According to him, the station will be the first music and culture station in Nigeria. It has also been named M&C (Music and Culture) Station. When asked why the commencement of the radio station took so long, the musician said; Whatever is...

INEC National Commissioner, Professor Akinola Salau Dies At 67

 Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) National Commissioner representing South West, Professor Muritala Akinola Salau, is dead! Salau, aged 67, a former Vice Chancellor of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Oyo State, died at Turkish Hospital in Abuja during a brief illness on Saturday and was buried according to Islamic rites at the...

Jennifer Lopez Celebrates 46th Birthday With Her Boyfriend, Casper Smart (Photos)

Singer Jennifer Lopez who turned 46 on Friday rocked a cut-out and see-through dress to celebrate on Saturday night with friends at 1OAK in Southampton, New York. J.Lo was spotted holding on tightly to her boyfriend, Casper Smart's hand at the event.

Big Brother Africa 2015 Cancelled!

This year's edition of popular annual reality TV show, Big Brother Africa (BBA), has allegedly been cancelled due to lack of sponsorship as the organizers of the show, Africa Magic and Endemol were unable to get sponsorship for this year’s edition of the show. Anne Sackey, the Manager of Multichoice Ghana,...

Register For Media Training Sessions At #Springboard2015 Lagos Edition

Courses include: Photography (Kelechi Amadi Obi), Videography & Lighting (Kemi Adetiba), Digital Media (Marcus Singleton), Social Media (Olaolu Ogundeji), Media Enterprise (Olajide Adediran) and Media Law (Genevieve Ike). Date: Monday 27th - Friday 31st July 2015. Venue: LCCI Conference Centre, 10, Nurudeen Olowopo Drive, Beside MKO Abiola Gardens, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos Fee: N60,000...

Lessons Buhari Must Learn from Jonathan – Olu Wole Onemola

“I am whatever you say I am. If I wasn't, then why would you say I am… In the paper, the news, everyday I am…” - Eminem On the 1st of October 2010, while the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, was inspecting a military parade in commemoration of Nigeria’s 50th independence anniversary, a bomb went off less than one kilometer away from the venue of...

Actor Jnr Pope And Wife Mark First Wedding Anniversary

Nollywood Actor Junior Pope Odowondo and his wife, Jennifer celebrate their first wedding anniversary today, 26th July, 2015.

Car bomb in Turkey kills 2, country steps up anti-terrorism efforts

A car bomb exploded Sunday in southeastern Turkey, killing two soldiers and wounding four other people, officials said. The attack was launched when a vehicle carrying security personnel was ambushed on its way to an emergency call, the Diyarbakir provincial office said.

The Phones No Longer Ring – Dr. Reuben Abati (Complete Text)

As spokesman to President Goodluck Jonathan, my phones rang endlessly and became more than personal navigators within the social space. They defined my entire life; dusk to dawn, all year-round. The phones buzzed non-stop, my email was permanently active; my twitter account received tons of messages per second.  The worst moments were those days when there was a Boko Haram attack virtually every Sunday.      The intrusion into my private life was total as my wife...

CNBC Africa Finally Apologizes to Oby Ezekwesili After Being Unnecessarily Arrogant

CNBC Africa an African television network for Sub-Saharan Africa, launched by CBCN and Africa Business News LTD goofed by referring to Mrs. Arunma Oteh as the first African Woman Vice President of the World Bank. Oby Ezekwesili light-heartedly responded to CNBC Africa’s tweet saying “Google is a friend!”

Kim Kardashian shows off baby bump in see-through jumpsuit

The pregnant reality star put her growing bump on full display in a see-through jumpsuit for an event in Los Angeles yesterday, flanked by her husband.  

EFCC To Probe Amnesty Programme; Summons Kuku, Jonathan’ s

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has begun probing the activities of the Presidential Amnesty Programme and has invited immediate past Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Mr. Kingsley Kuku, for questioning on July 28. On his part,...

Barack Obama Lays Wreath At The US Embassy Bombing Memorial

US President Barack Obama on Saturday laid a wreath at the Kenyan capital’s Memorial Park in memory of those killed in the 1998 embassy bombing. He placed the wreath on a holder in front of a wall engraved with the names of the dead and stood for a moment in silence. Around a dozen survivors and National Security Advisor Susan Rice also attended. The scene was quiet except for the sound of a fountain just behind Obama and the distant sound of...

Gov. Aregbesola Explains Why He Can’t Pay State Workers’ Salaries

Gov. Rauf Aregbesola of Osun has once again blamed the failure of his administration to pay workers salaries as at when on the drop in allocations to the state from the Federation Account. Aregbesola said this Friday night during a chat with newsmen on the sidelines of an award to him for service to humanity by Voice of African Women for Human Dignity, an NGO. The award was presented to Aregbesola at Asokoro, Abuja.

Chlorine gas explosion kills 8, injures 101 in Jos

At least eight people have been confirmed dead and 101 others injured following a chemical explosion at the Plateau Water Board treatment plant in Jos, Plateau state capital Saturday morning. Police Public Relations Officer DSP Emmanuel Abu confirmed, according to him, the incident was as a result of chlorine gas explosion from a treatment plant at Water Board. He said a number of persons had been injured in the explosion and were presently receiving treatment at the Plateau Specialist Hospital. “Our anti-bomb...

Nigeria Marks Polio-free Year, Set To Land Certification In 2017

Nigeria marks exactly one year since the last case of polio was recorded in Nigeria. The last reported case was on 24 July, 2014, when a 16-month-old boy from Sumaila local government area of Kano state presented with polio related symptoms. Nigeria is therefore one step closer to achieving the goal of eradicating polio in 2017, and if all pending laboratory investigations return negative in the next few weeks, Nigeria will officially be taken off the list of polio-endemic countries. However, Nigeria...

PDM National Chairman, Bashir Ibrahim, Emerges IPAC Chairman

Bashir Ibrahim, the National Chairman, Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), has emerged the National Chairman of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC). Ibrahim polled 14 votes to defeat his closest rival Mr Peter Ameh, the outgoing National Secretary of IPAC, who polled 13 votes in an election conducted on Friday at the INEC National Headquarters in Abuja. In his acceptance speech, Ibrahim promised to build a strong, influential and credible organization similar to other IPACs all over the world. “I will do my best...

What Joda-led Transition Committee Wants Buhari To do Within 60 days In Office

The Ahmed Joda transition committee has outlined a list of prompt, medium and long-term decisions President Muhammadu Buhari must take, or authorise, within 30, 45, 60 and 90 days of taking office, to create immediate impact, reduce government liability, increase revenue and stabilise the polity.

DJ Cuppy Shows Off The Love Of Her Life

DJ Cuppy on Saturday showed off the love of her life and new baby on Instagram. At least she has a new pet to play around with Credit: Instagram

Suarez’s the best player I’ve played with – Gerrard

Ex-Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, in a recent interview with fcbarcelona.com has disclosed that he believes Barça are ‘probably the best team on the planet right now’ He made this assertion 

NASS crisis: Pressure mounts on Lasun to step down

The APC is said to be mounting pressure on the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yusuf Lasun, to step down to allow another zone other than the South-West occupy the position. A step taken as part of the options being considered to end the leadership crisis in the House of Representatives. According to Punch reportage, the National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun; the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara; his deputy Lasun and the Governor...

Don’t intimidate us with EFCC, PDP senators warn FG

PDP Senators have warned the Federal Government against intimidating them with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), vowing to resist such attempt. A statement on Friday by Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, on behalf of PDP Like Mind Senators read, “As much as we are not against the anti-corruption agencies performing their statutory duties, the invitation by...

Buhari to split NNPC into two …Plans fresh bid round for oil blocks

Muhammadu Buhari has finally revealed what will be the fate of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, saying the national oil company will be divided into two successor entities under his administration. The President, who stated this in an interview with journalists in Washington DC during a four-day visit to the United States, an extract...

New Music Video: Coffee Ft. Wande Coal – Wata Gbemu

Coffee is a British-Nigerian soul and Afro-pop singer, who just release a new video “Wata Gbemu” he featured Wande Coal in this music video. Produced by HKN’s Josh Beatz, Directed by Edith. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov8LFNM3H8s Credit: Coffee Music

11 Generals Retire From The Nigerian Army

Eleven generals of the Nigerian Army Ordinance Corps in Lagos State were on Friday pulled out of service. NAN reports that the officers were eight Major-Generals and 3 Brigadier-Generals who retired between 2013 and 2015. The Major-Generals includes Manhood Yerima, Abiodun Amao, Olayemi Abidoye, Boniface Azurunwa, Adekunle Martin’s, Christian Ugwu, Bode Ogini and Mashudy Adekanye. The Brigadier-Generals are Kachallah, Godfrey Nwafor and Gabriel Oladipo. In a valedictory speech, Maj.-Gen. Manhood Yerima, former Chief of Training and Operations, Defence Headquarters, expressed appreciation for the...

New Music Video: D’banj Ft. Ice Prince – Salute

The official video Salute is out! D’bang teamed up with Ice Prince Zamani for this lovely video. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRtqHhGnmVI Credit: D'banj Records 

Obama Visits Family In Kenya (Photos)

The president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, on Friday arrived Kenya, his native home amidst cheers and excitement. Said to be the first sitting US president to visit Kenya, President Obama had a sweet family reunion with the Kenyans, especially with his half-sister...