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Knowledge they say is power and it’s true even unto the spiritual realm. This universe was created by God in law and order so believe it or not, nothing has changed since then just our understanding or the limitation to information or knowledge we possess and that is what makes the difference. This goes to say that just as we have certain laws and principles like law of gravity, theories and its like, so also are these things applied to the spiritual realm.

If it were not so, what other explanation can we give to the rain maker that actually prevents or makes rain to fall when he wants? How come people who engage in money rituals can transform sacrifices to money? How can people make themselves invisible to bullets and knife or metal cuts?

The simple answer is the knowledge of the laws and its application. God is the supreme one, the alpha and omega, the all knowing one that is why He ranks supreme. On the other hand, the angels and other heavenly beings have limited knowledge even the Devil. Little wonder why there is a limit to the things they can do. If only for everyone, our spiritual eyes were opened then would we see things in a whole new light and do things beyond our wildest imagination. Take for instance a confession from a friend who had a relationship with lady from the marine world. One day she was able to manipulate and enter his dream, give him a particular leaf from a plant that in reality grows in front of his house and groundnut to chew and his spiritual eyes opened. In reality, he was able to do it and it worked. He could see things for what they truly are .He was able to discover both humans and spirits moving around in school back in the days.

In summary, what I am trying to portray is the fact that everything happening in this world is according to law and order and if you want things done in a way beyond your imagination, you have got to know these laws and apply them and you will see it work. God has not altered anything since after creation. The pool of knowledge of the laws is out there and anyone who can lay a hold on it can manipulate it to his/her advantage. These are the reasons why spiritual forces manipulate humans, use them as medium to manipulate people for example the ‘JUJU Priest’ who can see and prepare charms of various sort.

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