…..from the musings of a desperate NaijaBoi……







On the first day of creation
there was a great declaration
the sun rays gave the confirmation.
A breathe into the clay was the human formation.
And all races are traceable to the diverse generations.

After the amalgamation
in the era of colonization
on the gulf of guinea, with a coast along the Atlantic Ocean,
without much elaboration
the name Nigeria was given to my nation.

Sometimes I’m soaked in the pool of depression
musing over the current situation,
especially on the issues affecting my nation,
even when the certificate I got at my graduation
could not even compensate the fee for my education.

Politicians with their ambitions
using all means to get our attention
and at every election
when they win and get the position
they are always found guilty of corruption.

If we have the best vegetation,
why should our children die of starvation?
Many of them living without an accommodation,
yet politicians could afford ten mansions
at different locations.

How I wish the amendment of our constitution
be the priority of the people in charge of the legislation,
so that our government institutions
across the federation
are administered in the right direction.

See a lady caught in fornication
shouting “I have an explanation”
it’s my country’s poverty condition,
that led me into prostitution

We live in a world of civilization,
and inside your bedroom, you get all the information.
And at the close of work, when I go for relaxation,
I tune in to Channels Television
“Breaking news; fuel price increased again by the GEJ-led administration.

Shattered is our hope with expectation
when it experiences prolongation
but the only way to get the realization
of our restoration
is to be part of the revolution.

Many leaders are crazy in their demonstration.
Lies and deceits are their major occupation.
Always living only for their own satisfaction.
And when it’s time to present their documentation,
they have no answers to many questions.

In the book of revelation
I read about the great tribulation,
and I got an assertion
that all deeds shall be subjected to justification,
and all evil doers will never escape the retribution.

To God, we must give all appreciations,
for giving us the best habitation,
never heard of any volcanic eruption.
Even when natural disaster flooded some countries to destruction,
just go visit Haiti for verification.

Oh my people perish for lack of vision.
But in my trance I saw a great destination.
The picture of the new Nigeria gave me the inspiration,
and here I am to give everybody the motivation
that it’s time to possess our possession!




Minna, Nigeria
Twitter @fEMIoWOLABI

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