Super Bloggers III…the Challenges gets bigger.


Hello friends,

@Payme_My2cents won just N3,000 as SuperBlogger1 but of course her blogging experience has changed for the better. Via RTs and articles’ promotion, even her tweeter handle had over 900 per cent increase in followership. Her blogs are now featured on, amongst other sites and blogs. That is what winnning the SuperBlogger does to you, it changes your writing and blogging experience. Apart from our winner, several other participants from the 1st edition have gone on to start their own blogs. Tope Olowu @topeolowu now has a blog that has a story that brought tears to my eyes yesterday. Today, SuperBlogger II winners will emerge. You can participate in this 3rd edition and be the next winner.

How to Participate:

1. Pick a category. Politics, Sports, Fashion, Gossip, Cuisine, Health, Fiction …. Just pick an issue you feel comfortable with and write. Do not write more than 600 words.

Make sure your spellings and tenses are in order before sending them along.
Don’t write cos, dat, lyk, i, u and the likes.

2. Send your story to Do not send more than one entry. The earlier you send your entry, the earlier it gets published,the earlier you can start getting them shared on Facebook, Twitter etc to increase your chances of winning.

Past winners are not allowed to participate.

3. The number of times your post is shared on twitter, facebook, google+ etc will determine 50 per cent of the votes. The numbers of times a post is shared always shows under the article so it is an open process.

Comments will determine 20 per cent of the votes so you need your friends to drop their comments too. (Comments posted directly from the article to Facebook also help)

The last 30 per cent of the vote will be amongst the top placed finishers to fight for. So all you need do for now is to write a really great post and once published don’t stop getting your friends to share till we are ready to announce winners.


N50,000 and much more to be shared amongst winners. Winners will also have accounts on to post articles whenever they like, whatever they like.

4. A published profile of the winner on this blog while @omojuwa has your picture on his avatar for a while. You are the star.

Winners will also have their blogs (their own website not just the article sent in) publicised by @omojuwa on twitter through out their reign. There is a whole lot more really. Just ask @payme_my2cents the current Champion her experience.

You don’t have to have a blog to participate. If you have a blog though, always add your blogsite at the bottom of your article along with your twitter handle. I will show an example after this piece.

This is not essentially a competition, it is an opportunity to either discover a latent part of you or get better. The prizes are just to make us have fun. Nothing tastes well without fun.

I want everyone to have a voice. All of us deserve to be heard. Write about anything and everything. There is a story in everything and in every man.

Participants must be following @omojuwa on twitter to participate. This will be big. Watch out.

Mail your articles and stories to Fiction is allowed. Just be creative. Whoever sends any piece above 600 words will be automatically disqualified. Be kind enough to tell a friend.

Welcome to #SuperBloggers III

Japheth J Omojuwa
Writes on
@omojuwa on twitter Lagos, Nigeria

PS<<<<< always sign out this way when you send your posts to boost your blog and handle and your chances of winning! Tell a friend!

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